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Proposed BLM Land Purchase Seeks Public comment

Photo from BLM Home page- note the language- They believe they can manage better than the residence of our County, which usually means gates, signs, and no admission.

Once again the Government seeks to grab up more land, by purchasing 647- private acres.

Currently only 27 % of Montezuma County is private land The Federal controlled land in Montezuma County is 40%( U.S. Forest Service and BLM), and 34% is the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe reservation.

You may make public comment through January 17, 2022.

Voices do count, but it takes the initiative to do so.

Please visit the link below and take a look, then while you are there please let your voices be heard.

Project Description The Proposed Action is for the BLM to purchase the above-described property at the appraised fair market value, at the earliest possible date. No change in the natural landscape is associated with the Proposed Action. Land surface ownership and status would change from Private to Federal. The acquired land would be managed as part of Canyons of the Ancients National Monument according to the goals and objectives outlined in the CANM RMP (2010).

Public scoping is taking place until Jan 17, 2022. Click on the green "Participate Now" button to submit comments. This button can be accessed on the above BLM National NEPA Register web site link.

You may also contact :

  • Contact 1 Name:Harrison Griffin Phone:(970) 882-6827

  • Contact 2 Name:Tracy Perfors Phone:(970) 403-4250

  • Contact 3 Name:Gina M Phillips Phone:(970) 240-5381

As always it is good to stay in touch with our county commissioner, who are against more loss of land to the government..

Jim Candelaria (Pleasant View) Phone: (970) 749-3841

Kent Lindsay (District 2) Phone: (970) 560-1471

Joel Stevenson



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