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by Lori York DVM

I am so glad that President Trump finally announced he will run again. But I was rather disappointed in his speech. He was somber and so serious. Not like his rallies.

But our country is in serious trouble. President Trump pointed out the disaster we are in and how close to the cliff of tyranny and socialism we are.

Many of us had hoped that President Trump would already be back in the White House by now as the Rightful President. I am one of those conspiracy theory tin foil hat gals. I have been waiting for Sleepy Creepy Biden, Cackling Kamala and Drunken Nancy to be arrested and President Trump to take over. Well, it hasn’t happened yet. I guess that is not GOD’S plan for Right Now.

I am appalled at the amount of conservative news outlets, journalists and podcasters that have already stated that they will not support President Trump. They claim he is no longer the leader of the Party, he is Old News, and that we need new young leadership i.e. DeSantis. Come on, Man, DeSantis has 30 years to run for President! He needs to stay in Florida for a while longer, and maybe gain a lot more experience.

Trump is NOT DONE. His base is still HUGE, and the people that think differently are deceived or just BLIND. Look at the huge crowds and excitement at all his rallies in the past 6 months. Do you think these followers are blaming Trump for the mid-term losses? Believe me, the lack of a red tsunami is not Trump’s fault, it was because THEY CHEATED.

Also, if you believe Trump is no longer popular, why are the Democrats and Rino Republicans still fighting to put him in jail, or trying to find some reason to STOP him from running? It is because they are still SCARED OF HIM. They know that he knows that they know he knows. They CANNOT allow him to win again. That would be a life and death situation for the evil Progressive Left. If they truly believe that Trump cannot win anyways, why not just let him waste his time and money on a 2-year campaign and let him lose in the Primary? Why fight him so hard? Because they are SCARED.

Trumps also knows that the election fraud will have to be cleared up before 2024 if we are ever to have free and fair elections again. I am sure that is in Trump’s (and God’s) plans, and I believe that will happen sooner then later. But we must continue to PRAY for righteousness to break through this Evil heaviness and control that hangs over our county.

God Bless President Trump.



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