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Parents Concerns About Transgenders in School Bathrooms

photo from social media

By Sherry Simmons

At Tuesdays Montezuma RE 1 School Board meeting, Parents concerns about transgender children in the bathrooms was only briefly talked about. Parents have contacted the school officials because of the concerns they have. Parents have had their children express being uncomfortable during school as transgender children use the school bathrooms.

Everywhere these days the rights and protection of transgenders, seems to speak over the rights of others. While we all agree that all children should be protected and kept safe the children who do not fit in the description of transgender/gay seem to be pushed under the rug. The focus should be on all children period.

Below is the video from the RE1 school board meeting Tuesday night October 19,2021. It is encouraged you listen to the entire board meeting. The time line for the discussion on the bathrooms and transgenders can be found at the 2hr 22 minute mark.

It should be noted that school board discussion on this, lasted approximately 5 minutes. In the discussion Ms. Richardson said, students who are not transgender, and who I don't even know what to say.... should go to their councilors and create a safety plan.

For more information or to contact the School Board- Below are the email address to the Montezuma RE1 School officials

You will find more on this school board meeting in the column By Tammy Coulon

Editors note :

Since Tuesday we have received calls from concerned parents and grandparents about this topic. We will be doing a detailed story with accounts from children and parents.

Story coming.

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Sadly this is the result of SEL and CRT, equality is no longer in our schools, it's equity. We are all being taught to only care about the people whom bring equity and fame to our community, we have totally forgotten about any other talents that others may hold.

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