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Our tears shall be washed away forevermore

I come from a time when our land was free, where a man could travel freely, and his choices was his own to make. I was a free man in a land where my father’s father and his father made a living from this land. I have seen fires and earthquakes come against the land and strong winds that prevailed for a time. I see a storm that is coming that I have prepared for all my life that I never thought would come. The very air that I breath comes from you and gives me life, I hear your voice in the breeze that sweeps across this land, it calms my soul from the coming storm. I feel so secured for your words are sweeter than honey, my thoughts drift towards heaven where my travels will end. I have lived through so many dangers but the storm that is coming is like no other storm and the only refuge from the storm is you. You command the heavens and the stars; the seas obey your voice and yet you have grace upon me. The place that I go there will be no more pain or guilt and the storm will subside to the voice that created all for his words are pure and a shield from the storm for those who believe in him. There will be no more storms and our tears shall be washed away for evermore.


Mitchell Risenhoover

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