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Odis Sikes Candidate for Montezuma County Sheriff

September 1, 2022

Sherry Simmons

A meet and Greet for Odis Sikes was held on August 26th at the Montezuma County Annex room. An independent campaign committee held the event for the community to get to know Odis Sikes. The event was free to all, providing appetizers, ( courtesy of End of the Trail Catering) cold drinks and an array of door prizes.

About an hour in as people were finishing eating the event began with Prayer, the Pledge of the Allegiance and then Odis taking the microphone. Odis began with relaying why he was running for sheriff. He told the crowd that he had been asked by many community members and after carefully weighing in everything he decided he would run.

Odis originally from Texas, is a Vietnam Veteran, Rancher, and a leader in the community. He spoke of his oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States and that he lives by it.

"I'm not a politician, all I know is to be me" This is certainly what you will see every time you see Odis, when you see him-- you see him. No facade, no political bologna just genuine every time.

His opponent Steve Nowlin spoke recently at an event and told of his years of experience in law-enforcement. During the meet and greet it was widely agreed that the community has had "experience" for the last 8 years and the community is not better off, actually worse. The drug problems in our community was a hot topic in the question and answers. People in the audience spoke of how drug activity gets reported but not usually investigated. In an interview with Odis he told us one of the changes he will see to, will be investigating reported drug activity. "If someone comes in to file a report it will be investigated, not to- is just unacceptable"

The office of County Sheriff is an administrative job. In any administration, good leadership is putting the right people in the right places. The right people for the appropriate advising and planning. Odis has great leadership skills and is deeply connected to the community.

Back to the discussion on drugs within our community, Odis replayed a drug class he attended earlier this year. The event was for community awareness and put on by the Montezuma County Sheriffs office. During the event Detective Victor a drug task agent told the audience "These gangs operate without fear" Odis said that statement stuck in his head, "Operate without fear?" When Steve Nowlin took the floor Odis said " Your detective just said these gangs operate with out fear" Steve Nowlin Replied "that's right"

Odis told his audience "My question is why do these gangs operate without Fear? Why Aren't these gangs afraid of somebody in Montezuma County?" "We have drug issues and not much is being done about it"

A member of the audience spoke up about the poor pay our sheriff deputies receive and the need to go to the county and request more of a budget for things we need, and less spent on things that benefit only a few.

Odis in agreement also touched on the county commissioners and their role. He stated that they too are an elected position and they work for the people. He said we must have a leader who will stand up for the people-- to also work together, but to work For the people. He said he understood and had been informed that sheriff deputies do not stay here very long. He went on to say how important is quality pay and a respectful work place.

The audience began talking about the red flag law and that it was on record that Steve Nowlin said he would obey court orders and refused to sign the sanctuary for the county protecting the people against the red flag laws. Odis told the audience that The sheriff took an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States and the red flag law along with many other laws coming down the pipe from law makers are unconstitutional. He said if he was given an order to take someone's gun under the red flag law, he would take the order and wrap a copy of the Constitution of the United States in it, and hand it to the Judge, he said until you can show me some way around the constitution it does not stand. He went further to say how dangerous this law could be.

A question from the audience ask if Odis would stand for the children... would he go to the principle and tell him they will not push the transgender issues on the kids? Odis replied that he felt like Law enforcement should be involved in the school boards to show up not in a bully way but stand with the parents giving them the support to decide what their children are taught. He did not sugar coat the way he viewed transgender ideology being forced on our children. He was clear that he believed it did not belong in our schools. He went further to add he would like to see the constitution taught in our schools. "Perhaps a program where deputies would go to classes once a week, or once a month and teach on the constitution of the United States." He said" the Constitution is the most important document other than the Bible."

A comment from the audience stated", A sheriff in this county is the only person who has the authority to stand up to the feds, If we don't elect someone who will stand up to federal agents and not be afraid to run this county the way it should be than nothing else matters"

Odis agreed and replied " If we don't change things here, higher up is never going to change. The audience agreed with applause the conclusion was we need to be that county.

Odis Sikes Is an Independent candidate, neither republican or democrat . His unaffiliated stance mirrors his beliefs. Independent from the corrupt politicians, independent from the attempts of a tyrannical government, independent from the world of just go with the flow.

Odis Sikes A sheriff For the People.

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