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No Boundaries FBI Opens Dead Sons Personal Belongings Box

On Tuesday November 16, 2021, the FBI raided the homes of Sherronna Bishop and Tina Peters. During the raid on Tina's Home the FBI opened a sealed box which held the documents and personal belongings of Tina's deceased son.

Tina Peters son, who was a Navy Seal, had passed away during a parachute exercise in May of 2017. Remington J. Peters was a member of an elite Navy Parachute Team.

Tina received a box containing her sons documents and personal belongings after his death. She had not been able to bring herself to open it. It remained sealed in her home until the FBI ransacked her home in November.

More and more stories are surfacing across this nation that should horrify us all. Stories of corruption on every level of government are oozing into the lives of everyday American citizens. Tina and Sherronna have been a voice against corruption and speaking out about voting integrity. Guilty of only standing up for the principles this nation was built on, they have been targeted and targeted hard.

It is unknown if Tina ( a Gold Star Mom) received an apology from the FBI, but the damage has been done. What Tina was holding onto was very personal and no one had the right to disrespect her and her deceased son.

Karen Seibold, a freind of Tina Peters posted on social media, wanting America to know the horrors Tina suffered at the hands of the FBI. Below is her statement as written.

Karen E Seibold Nov 20 "Not only did the FBI rifle through all of Clerk Peters personal things looking for electronic but they opened a sealed box that contained the documents and personal belongings of her Navy Seals sons Death. Clerk Peters herself had never been able to emotionally come to opened this box. She admitted to me how incredibly violated she felt-beyond the ransacking of her house. This is what our local officials have condoned starting with Commissioner Janet Rowland who thinks feeding her buddy Charles Ashby at the Daily Cesspool is more important than looking at the evidence or supporting the public that had put her in office- please let her know this is not acceptable and she is on notice! The whole bunch are responsible for this mess the DA the county attorney included. And our current local sheriff who is running for election- Todd Rowel - A Sheriff is to hold the position to protect the people from a lawless government over reach- From all indications he was MIA "-

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