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My Body My Choice

Letter to the Editor from Mindy Nelson

In listening to today’s update from Gov. Polis on the COVID response to the Delta variant, Colorado is now offering $25.00 Gift Cards for students getting tested weekly. Is this to bolster the positive results? Not all tests are accurate, many false positives have been reported. They have plans in motion through State and Federal Funding to allow schools to issue the “Vaccine.” Under HIPPA, will parents have a say in their juvenile’s decisions? There are also funds through both State and Federal funding to encourage Dr.'s Offices to administer the vaccine at NO Cost eluding people out of personal medical choice. This is another weapon, let's use it! MSNBC: White House stated ahead of FDA approval they would begin booster shots Sept. 20th. Prior use of the vaccine was only “Emergency use authorization.” 3 in 10 said they would be more likely to get it if it was FDA approved, and BAM Pfizer was approved. Moderna is next to be approved. Vaccine busses have been funded in the East to give out the jab, rewarding with $100 gift cards to Wal-Mart. US News: Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill that will start issuing $5000 fines for businesses, schools, and government agencies that require COVID Vaccine cards.

Our Local Health Care officials are being pushed out of their jobs for their personal medical choices, regardless if they already have the antibodies. This is Unconstitutional! Yet our Borders are open with NO Documentation? What happened to “My body My Choice?”

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