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My answer to People Who say “I do not pay any attention to Politics."

By Lori York, DVM

I ignored Politics for 95% of my adult life. I realize NOW what a BIG MISTAKE that was. I am a Baby Boomer, and I was building a career, running a business, taking care of a house and yard. Who has time to pay attention to what all the “Politicians” were doing? I read the political ads, believed what Mainstream Media told me and always voted. But now I know that my vote was based on LIES.

Meanwhile, while WE were busy living our lives those “Politicians” took prayer from the schools, legalized killing babies, and increased our taxes while they were getting RICH. EVIL took over our Justice Department, the FBI, the FDA, the IRS, the medical system, our schools, and our churches. What do we have now? The ENEMY controls almost every aspect of our daily lives, and POLITICS is how we got there.

Go ahead and continue to ignore Politics. What will you do when they demand your guns, or your gas-powered vehicle? What will you do when they take your children away from you because you do not want them to have a medical procedure or take a vaccine?

You may say “this is still America. We have a Constitution. That will never happen here”. Say that to our 45th President of these United states, whose home was just raided by the FBI. Say that to the January 6 Prisoners that have been held in solitary confinement for over a year without bail, or charges and certainly no speedy trial, when their crime may have been TRESPASSING. Tell that to the grandmother with cancer that is serving 6 months in a maximum-security prison for TRESPASSING. Tell that to the strong American First candidates that lost heir elections because of ELECTION FRAUD.

So, what can you do? 1) Become INFORMED. But not by listening to CNN, or CNBC or even FOX news. There are now Journalists on the Internet that speak and write TRUTH. Read The Epoch Times. Go to , or, or Listen to Podcasts on the Rumble App like Bannon’s War Room, the Dan Bongino Show or Conservative Daily.

2) VOTE in November 2022. If grassroots America First candidates do not win the top state positions (Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General), and win a Majority in Congress in Washington DC, AMERICA IS LOST.

“Oh no” you say, “We still have the Constitution” Do you realize that the Radical Left wants to ABOLISH our Constitution? “It is too old, and out-of-date” they say.

Look at how much destruction the Biden regime has brought on America in just 18 months. What can they accomplish in 2 ½ more years? If the Radical Left stays in power, there will be NO Constitution, no more elections, no more Rights for Citizens. THEN what will we do?

You can no longer say “This is America. It will never happen here” Every American Citizen who cares about what America has been and who wants it to stay free and just MUST get involved. As Americans, we must STAND UP, SPEAK UP and DEFEND our Rights, or they will be gone FOREVER.

VOTE in November 2022 like your LIFE depends on it, BECAUSE IT DOES.

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Thank you Lori, very good write up

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