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Montezuma Speedway Last race of the year

Fans gathered Saturday night to watch the last race of 2021. Emotions were easily seen as they gathered at the stands to pay tribute to Gene Williams (Felker). Gene has been leasing the track for the past three years. He is best known for his passion for the youth. In a statement to the Chronicles gene said " I mix both my passions, racing and Kids" Gene and his wife Sissy often give to the youth during the races. They recently gave a race car to a young racer who was a big fan and unable to participate. They gave away 100 back packs at a race before school to the children attending. Gene said he doesn't charge vendors he only asks them to give back something to the children. Gary Small and his wife Suzie gave out toys to the children at Saturdays race.

Children operate the concession stands learning skills and confidence. 13 year old Christopher Romero was working in the stands, he is also a racer but had wrecked his car and it was not repaired for the race.

Rusty Bryan who owns the Kids shack told the chronicles Gene and Sissy do tons of things for the children they help with gas parts repairs, they also held a fund raiser for a family who lost their home in a fire.

Gene told the chronicles "I absolutely Love what I do. I love these kids"

The Montezuma County Patriots were among the crowd who came to honor Gene.


Army Veteran, Bill Robsion loaded children from the pits in his 6by6

Gene had recently asked for a new contract from Montezuma County for the races of next year. The contract he received seemed unreasonable to many. Recent efforts to negotiate are said to be in the works.

It was easy to see and experience what the community has been talking bout. There are few events here in Cortez that include children, we have the fairgrounds but like many have said not every child has the blessing of owning livestock. The community outcry has been compassionate and county wide. Many community members had recently attended the Montezuma County Commissioners meeting where they spoke during public comment. Many left the meeting feeling defeated and that they were not heard. Some concerns among the group addressed the commissioners were disconnected from the people. Another comment was directed at the commissioner that they should remember the county should not be conducted as a business but work for the people and to listen to their voices.

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