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Montezuma County Patriots Last Organized Rally For The Year

By Sherry Simmons November 3 2022

This Saturday November 5th at 9am will be the last organized rally for the year. We will resume our Saturday rallies in 2023.

Please join us for fellowship and prayer for our nation. We will have been at this for 3years April 2023. We have been able to accomplish wonderful things for our community. We have made many new friends who have become our family.

Our numbers dropped after the 2020 presidential election, I suppose mostly from disappointment. But there has been a loyal number of patriots who withstand rain snow and national distress never quitting never backing down.

Although we all have busy life's these dedicated patriots always found a few minutes each Saturday to gather to pray and to stand for our freedoms and liberties. I couldn't be prouder to stand side by side with this devoted group of fellow Americans. Please join us this Saturday at the ute cafe parking lot 9am. If you haven't been here for a while I promise you will be glad you came. Let's lift up our nation and the up coming election in prayer.

Let's show our love and commitment to this great nation and to each other. Hope to see you there!

In Loving Memory of Sargeant Bill

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