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"'Millions Will STARVE': Rancher Sounds Alarm on Global Food Agenda

You MUST watch this!!

The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 208"

Photo is a screenshot LKY

LKY: This Rancher discusses his loss of his Colorado family ranch to the government, and so much more.

From YouTube:

"There is currently a war being waged against America that threatens the very liberty of our nation — and it’s one you might not expect. It's not the war on free speech or freedom of religion. It's the war on beef. Who better to discuss this war than American cattle rancher Shad Sullivan? Shad is the R-CALF USA Private Property Rights Committee chair. In this episode of "The Glenn Beck Podcast," Shad and Glenn discuss the “war on beef” and why it matters to everyday Americans. Shad explains the issues with California’s Prop 2 and Prop 12 and how they impact the whole country. He delves into the problems with sustainable development and the collusion between global elites and mega corporations — particularly the partnership between USDA, Farm Journal, agricultural schools, and producers. He warns against plans to reduce meat consumption, explaining that “millions would starve OVERNIGHT” under global sustainability initiatives. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Shad has suggestions on how Americans can stand up to the anti-meat agenda — and they start with the Constitution."

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