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Massive Haul: Trump campaign raises over $50 million after NY criminal trial verdict

UPDATE JUNE 3,2024 :

According to the Daily Mail:

The Donald Trump campaign has raised a staggering $200 million since the former president was found guilty of 34 felonies last Thursday, his son Eric Trump said Sunday. 

Eric said the figure was comprised of over $70 million in small donor fundraising in the three days since the verdict. 

The former president's son continued:”'If you add the large dollar donations to it, you're over $200 million.. .And by the way, Maria 30 percent of those people have never been seen before by a political party.'  The numbers that Eric Trump cited appear to show that the support is not just coming from Republican voters. 

Published: May 31, 2024 10:00am

Updated: May 31, 2024 10:10pm

From Just the News

Former President Donald Trump on Friday announced a sizeable fundraising haul in the wake of his guilty verdict in Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's hush money case.

A New York jury on Thursday found Trump guilty on 34 counts of falsifying business records after a weeks-long trial. The verdict appears to have energized his supporters, however, as the campaign's donation page crashed, evidently due to the volume of traffic.

The campaign on Friday initially announced it had brought in $34.8 million in small dollar donations, marking a near-doubling of its single largest day total on WinRed. Later, it updated the total to $52.8 million raised in the 24 hours following the verdict.

“In the 24 hours since Crooked Joe Biden and his New York henchmen got their sham trial verdict, the Trump Campaign has raised $52.8 million through the online digital fundraising platform,” the campaign said in a statement reported by the Daily Wire. “THAT’S MORE THAN $2 MILLION PER HOUR!”

The team further announced that over one third of donations came from new donors.

"From just minutes after the sham trial verdict was announced, our digital fundraising system was overwhelmed with support, and despite temporary delays online because of the amount of traffic, President Trump raised $34.8 million dollars from small dollar donors," said Trump Campaign Senior Advisors Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles when first announcing the total.

"Not only was the amount historic, but 29.7% of yesterday's donor's were brand new donors to the WinRed platform," they continued. "President Trump and our campaign are immensely grateful from this outpouring of support from patriots across our country. President Trump is fighting to save our nation and November 5th is the day Americans will deliver the real verdict."

Trump faces sentencing on July 11 and is likely to appeal his convictions

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