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Local Sheriff Candidate Forum Missing a Candidate

"I will make a good sheriff because I am Not a politician,

I am Not a cop, I am one of the people"

October 7, 2022

by Sherry Simmons

Something was missing from Thursdays' October 6th Montezuma candidate for sheriff

Forum created by the league of women voters.

Odis Sikes independent candidate for sheriff never received an invitation to attend. Although this is disputed no one has been able to produce the invitation .

The campaign committee to elect Odis Sikes for sheriff also were not informed. On Tuesday October 4th the news about the event circled the committee only coming thru as third party information. When Odis was contacted by the committee and asked if he knew of this, he did not. He told the committee the only thing he received from anyone concerning the league of women voters was an email. The email which came from Denver did not mention the Candidates forum. The email was a a request to take advantage and contribute his stand on issues and submit them to their guide " VOTE411" .Below is the email:


  • Make sure and get your message out to all voters!

  • Dear Odis Sikes;

  • The League of Women Voters award winning voters' guide is now live reaching millions of Colorado voters and your responses are NOT there!

  • The League of Women Voters invites you to take full advantage of this opportunity to let all voters know where you stand on issues in your own words. Voters will be able to access your responses throughout the world 24/7 through an interactive, community-specific online Voters' Guide at

  • Participate by clicking on your secure personalized link at

  • All candidates running for Montezuma County Sheriff have been asked the following questions:

  • What are your top priorities for the office and how would you integrate them in your first 100 days?

  • Please explain your position on enforcing state laws within your jurisdiction.

  • What approach should local law enforcement take on reducing opioid overdose and the counterfeiting of Rx narcotics?

  • What law enforcement based programs, if any, would you support to reduce subsistence crime (i.e. shoplifting, trespassing, personal use drug possession)?

  • What changes on the behavioral health care provided to jail inmates would you recommend, if any?

  • What steps should be taken to curb gun violence, if any?

  • If you have any questions or concerns about your participation, please don't hesitate to contact me directly. Thank you for your commitment to public service and voter education.

  • Sincerely, Cath Perrone LWVCO Administrator 303-809-6625 (text or voice message)

  • Submission Instructions and FAQs

  • By participating in this activity sponsored by the LWV, a candidate agrees not to upload any libelous statements or information. Nor shall a candidate upload copyrighted or other legally protected material without the permission of the owner of such material.

  • Will you edit my responses? No. Voters will read exactly what you submit.

  • Where will my information appear? Your information will be available on and through other League sanctioned print or online resources.

  • Will I be in VOTE411’s Voters' Guide even if I don't answer the questions? Your name and campaign profile information will be listed, followed by the notation: "The candidate has not yet responded." We strongly encourage you to participate.

  • When do I need to submit my responses? You may submit or edit your responses at any time, but the sooner responses are submitted, the sooner your information will be provided to voters. The League will be publishing the information on Monday, October 3rd, 2022.

  • How long can my answers be? Candidate responses are limited to 750 characters (including spaces and punctuation) for each response in English and Spanish. Your responses will be printed verbatim up to the character limit. The web form will count the characters for you and will tell you when you have reached the limit.

  • Where can I state my experience and qualifications?

  • Please feel free to post your experience and qualifications in the Background field as a specific question will not be asked about this information. There is a larger 1,000 character limit for this field to allow for your full background to be shared.

  • What should the photograph look like? You may submit a color or black and white “headshot” photograph for inclusion through VOTE411. Your picture should be a closely cropped headshot (i.e., do not use a full-body or group shot). The use of photographs in other print and online media is at the discretion of the League sanctioned publisher.

  • How do I submit my responses? Please use the web form to share information about yourself and your views with voters:

  • Does the League endorse candidates? The League of Women Voters does not support or oppose candidates at any level of government. A candidate's participation in this activity does not constitute an endorsement by the League. This is purely an educational activity. No candidate may use the name of the League in any manner. Submittal of responses and biographical information constitutes agreement with the terms of this letter and the Voters' Guide instructions.

  • Thank you for participating in the 501c3 League of Women Voters Education Fund Voters' Guide 2022.

Odis nor any of the committee never received any information or an invite about the forum.

One of the committee members told us:

"This is rather heart breaking to think this could be intentional" ." Not even a courtesy call what has happened to our community? "

The campaign committee is well known and is in contact with some of those who sat on the panel for this forum yet the information was never shared.

We asked Odis about this issue, he said He is always available, easy to reach, and nothing no call no message, nothing.

Odis carefully considered the forum on Tuesday and decided not to attend. It already seemed quite unfair and somewhat suspicious. The campaign committee was in full support of what ever decision Odis made on his attendance. They too were uneasy and in wonder why on earth would some one not invite one of the only two candidates running for Montezuma County sheriff?

Odis relayed to us he is willingly available to meet and discuss his stand with any one. He has nothing to hide in fact he may be one of the most honest men I have ever met.

Odis is running for Sheriff because many community members reached out to him earlier this year. He said when he asked why he was told: because you are not a politician, you are not a career law enforcement officer, because you Love the Lord, believe and live by the Constitution of the United States and because you believe in we the people. He said those statements pivoted him into the decision to run for sheriff.

Odis openly states he will honor God, Honor the Constitution of the United States and Serve the People of Montezuma county. He said you need a servants heart to do the right job.

We asked Odis what does he hear the most out there in the community? He said" people ask about my experience and Ive thought deeply about this, I will make a good sheriff because I am Not a politician, I am Not a cop, I am One of the People"

The constitution of the United states is certainly under attack, it seems it is being chipped away at many levels. Odis stands on the constitution of the United States and the freedoms and liberties given to us by God. In these uncertain times more and more people are concerned as they witness authorities deny and stomp on our Constitution. People are looking at the character and values of candidates. Character and values that would rise to defend the constitution and stand up for" We the People" Character with morals and the boldness to honor God in their life, and in the office they hold.

At a meet and Greet for Odis Sikes earlier this year he spoke on some of the issues important to him.

He wants better wages for the deputies and a safe work environment that shows they are deeply appreciated. He wants to zero down on crime and to make Montezuma county well known for absolutely no tolerance for drug dealers. He wants a better follow through and joint efforts with the district attorney, harsher prosecuting according to the law. He also stated that he stands behinds parents and their full rights as to what their children are taught. He said he would like to see a program in the schools once a week or once a month in which a deputy come into classes and teaches about the Constitution of the United States.

A sheriff's duties are administrative. A good sheriff will appoint the right trained trusted men and women in the right departments. Will appoint professional skilled deputies for each department and above a good sheriff will serve the People as they serve God.

Odis Sikes was not invited to the Montezuma County Sheriffs candidate forum, if anyone would like to visit him he is readily available. There is also a Meet and greet planned for him on October 15th at the Lewis Arriola Community Center doors open at Noon.

Whether the fact that Odis was not invited to the forum was a gross negligent error or intentional it certainly did not benefit the community.

We have reached out to Voter The league of women's Voter for comment , they have not responded.

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