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Letter to editor (Dominion Voting Machines Report)

By Mitch Risenhoover

At the end of August, I contacted the Dolores County Clerk and Recorder in reference to obtaining a forensic image of the 2020 election under the CORA (Colorado Open Records Act..) I had received prior information that Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold had been contacting Colorado County Clerks and Recorders on how to discourage citizens from requesting such information to get out ahead of a Dominion Voting System (DVS) update (Trusted Build). I had spoken to one of the County Commissioners a day prior to going to the Clerk's Office and asked if he knew if the update had been completed on the voting machines in Dolores County. He advised me that he was unaware and didn’t think the update had been done.

When I contacted the Dolores County Clerk and Recorder and requested the forensic image, my suspicions were confirmed. I was too late to obtain a pre-update image of the system. I was advised that the update had already been completed in July. I was advised that I would have to contact the state (Colorado Secretary of State’s office) in writing to obtain an image. Based on some research I had done previously, I knew these records were to be preserved for twenty-two months ( per federal law) and twenty-five months (per Colorado law) from the date of the election.

I contacted the County Commissioner via a text the same day asking him several questions which are listed below:

  • Is Dolores County going to use the Dominion Voting System in the next elections?

  • I asked why would I have to go through the state and not through the county to obtain information through the CORA?

I also advised him that I was informed that I would have to go through the county attorney.

I was advised that he would follow up with the county attorney the next day. I did not hear anything back, so I contacted the commissioner via text again on September 1st. I was advised that the attorney was looking into it and that it would be expensive to get what I was asking for.

I answered back and asked, What is our country worth? Stating that I would think the county would represent it's voters and what ever it would take to protect their votes from fraud. I asked again if the county was going to use the voting machines again after all the litigation in reference to the machines being compromised? I also asked if the county should be forth coming to the citizens, letting them know that they planned on using the DVS? I also asked if we were going to let the state run our elections and have our votes manipulated? I asked if our county officials should have access to our voting machines? I had heard that the county clerks and recorders were advised to back up the systems prior to the update. I asked why a backup was not completed? I advised him that Mesa County had completed a backup prior to the update so why did Dolores County not complete a backup? I asked if this procedure was not the county's responsibility in the first place? I then supplied him with information that I had received through Lindell Report: Cyber Forensics Expert on the Before and After Images of the Dominion Machines. I also supplied a Lindell report that Colonel Shawn Smith completed on Colorado Election Fraud. I have also supplied him with the cover letter that Tina Peters (Mesa County Clerk) issued to Mesa County Commissioners. I also supplied him with a report titled Report #1 with Forensic Examination and Analysis of Mesa County Colorado Voting Systems. The report is dated September 15, 2021, and I will attach a copy that can be downloaded and reviewed. It is obvious that my questions submitted to the commissioner were answered in this report and spells out who is responsible.

I would assume that Montezuma County is also in the same predicament and will use the same voting machines in the next elections.


Mitchell Risenhoover

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