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“Let My People Go” The Election Integrity Film for the Masses – Fights Back Against the Censorship Regime – FREE WORLDWIDE RELEASE TODAY!

By Jim Hᴏft Mar. 4, 2024 9:00 am

from The Gateway Pundit

On the eve of super Tuesday, the most censored film in America, “Let My People Go”—which breaks down America’s rigged election infrastructure with painstaking clarity, as well as the plight of the J6 political hostages—will not only be released for free online, but express permission has been given to download, screen capture, and upload the film to any social media channel or website.

The film’s creator, former law professor David Clements, joined the Gateway Pundit for the exciting announcement.

Clements has had to contend with massive distributed-denial-of-service hacks during the film’s launch (, as well as a cancellation by the film’s DVD distributor, and credit card processing company.  To make matters more difficult, the credit card processing company unlawfully seized proceeds raised for the film, forcing producers of the film to file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency for the release of the funds, with litigation in the works.

Clements, who taught MBA business law courses to aspiring accountants to avoid IRS scrutiny, was then ironically targeted by the IRS just days after the film’s launch (

“Nearly thirty years of paying taxes, and I’ve never been audited.  Not until I released a film about our elections and J6ers,” Clements remarked.  Other accounts have surfaced of DVDs being inexplicably destroyed during shipment by the U.S. Postal Service.

“While we were hoping to be made whole by release of the film, it’s clear that’s not going to happen.  But the money is the least of our concerns.   We want honest elections and elimination of rigged machines, rigged software, and mail-in ballots.  We want the J6 hostages released, and the rightful President restored.”

Clements’ goal is to have influencers download the film from and upload it to their respective channels or websites without any fear of a copyright restriction.  Clements states, “Yesterday, the film was mine.

As of right now, the film belongs to ‘We the People.’  It’s not important to me what social media personality gets the views or whether the movie earns a penny.  All that matters is that we fight back against the censorship regime.”

“It starts with courageous outlets like Frankspeech, Lindell TV, and the Gateway Pundit spreading the word.  We’ll need local political parties, churches, and civics groups to do the same and show the film immediately.

Distributing this film feels like we are smuggling Bibles behind communist lines.  The censorship is unreal.  I’ve had a major bullseye on my back for nearly four years.  But I’ve also partnered with fearless and relentless patriots like Mike Lindell and Joe Oltmann to help get the film out while they themselves withstand massive lawfare.  The only way we will puncture the out-of-control censorship veil is to put the film in the hands of everyday Americans.”

Towards that end, the Gateway Pundit will feature “Let My People Go” as the video of the week and do its part by uploading the film to its’ social media channels.

Also — For now, the film can be downloaded or viewed for free online at, with DVDs available for purchase.

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