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Lauren Boebert Visits Cortez on Last Friday

Boebert visits Cortez

by Mike Lynch 1-21-23


Just three days before her visit we found out that Congresswoman (CW) Lauren Boebert would be coming through Cortez and wanted to speak to Republican supporters. As I understand Lauren’s team typically requests that such meetings are not publicized on social media due to security issues she has experienced in the past. The Chair of the county’s Republican Central Committee, Allen Maez, spread the word and expected roughly 20-25 people to attend. The meeting took place Friday afternoon, January 20th, at the Elks Club.

While waiting for L. Boebert and her team to arrive her supporters began showing up. By the time she arrived the seating had to be more than doubled to accommodate those who came.

Not long after she arrived her National Fundraising Director, Bernie Lake, asked for an invocation and pledge of allegiance, led by two members of the audience who had been selected earlier. And then she introduced CW Boebert.

Rep. Boebert took the stage and the first thing she did was thank us for voting her into a second term. It was a very close race. She was the last candidate for the House to be confirmed.

Then she jumped right in to explaining what took place leading up to and during the 15 vote counts for Speaker of the House. As it turns out there is more to the story than our public media has reported (Surprise!). She explained what the 20 members wanted and were holding out for. She explained what she was holding out for in the last few rounds. Then she told us some of the things that she and the other holdouts achieved for our country through that wonderful process of House debate, deliberation, and deal making that we were told was chaos, un-American, and permanently damaged our legislative process.

Among the list are the following:

1-a concession that strengthens the House Rules and how they are applied, called ‘regular order’

2-the House can only vote on single subject bills

3-the house will be given 72 hours to review any and all bills before taking a vote

4-all bills must originate in the committee that has responsibility for that subject

5-amendments to bills MUST be germane to the bill

6-single member motion to vacate the Chair (which could bring to vote the possibility of removing the Speaker of the House)

Rep. Boebert will no longer serve on the Budget Committee (They never got to do their job under Pelosi because budget bills skipped Committee process).

Now she will be serving on the National Resources Committee and the House Oversight and Accountability Committee.

I did not pay attention to the time but she probably spent 30 minutes speaking and then took questions for 10 minutes or so.

There were several times during her speech (not written but off the cuff) when the audience interrupted with clapping. The questions were informational not derogatory.

One couple in attendance, retired, came to the meeting upset about what took place in the House during election of the Speaker. After CW Boebert spoke they seemed to understand why and what was gained by Boebert and her colleagues holding out like they did. This couple seemed to be much more accepting of Lauren’s actions after learning more of the details involved.

Lauren spent maybe 10 more minutes talking with individuals from the audience on her way to the door and then she was out the door.

Commissioner Lindsay and Administrator Anderson were in attendance. Security was provided by City of Cortez Police. Montezuma Co. Republican Central Committee Chair Allen Maez, as well as Republican Women’s Club of M.C. President Lori York and V.P. Linda Lynch and Treasurer Emiko South were in attendance as well.

I’m happy that CW Boebert came to Cortez and explained to us what really took place during selection of Speaker of the House. She did not go into detail about the pressure she and the other 19 members were under but I imagine it was extreme. My faith in her, to stand for what is good and right, has increased since her re-election last November.


"I felt Lauren explained well what was going on behind the scenes during the voting in of the House Speaker". Emiko South

"I was so glad that I made it see Lauren on Friday. Lauren did a great job explaining how the 20 courageous Freedom Caucus members got all their demands met. It was awesome to see her excitement about how she believed that the House could now move forward and accomplish something. It was also great to see the audience give her a standing ovation to thank her for fighting for We the People in the Swamp that is DC". Lori York

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