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Lauren Boebert announces she is leaving CD3 for CD4

This is her statement we received yesterday evening:

"My mission has always been and will always be to defend our freedoms and defeat the Democrat socialists and communists so we can take our country back, but that mission does not take place in a vacuum either personally or professionally.

"Personally, this announcement is a fresh start following a difficult year for me and my family. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for everyone who has steadfastly stood alongside me in the 3rd District and across America. The relationships we have cultivated over the past few years are deeply cherished and unbreakable.

"I did not arrive at this decision easily. A lot of prayer, a lot of tough conversations, and a lot of perspective have convinced me this is the best way I can continue to fight for Colorado, for the conservative movement, for my kids’ future, and for the future of this great country.

"Professionally, Colorado’s 4th District is hungry for an unapologetic defender of freedom with a proven track record of standing strong for conservative principles. I love Colorado’s 3rd District and I will continue working as hard as I can for the remainder of my term to be a great Representative for the district.

"But I also spent years living on the Front Range and years representing Rural America. The 3rd and the 4th Congressional Districts comprise nearly 85% of Colorado’s footprint and have less than 20 people per square mile. Rural America deserves a strong voice that fights for their freedoms.

"The American people are struggling with groceries, inflation, credit card debt, and other monthly expenses that were fueled by Biden’s spending spree. I know all too well how damaging the liberals have been to our entire state. I will be moving to the 4th in 2024 and will continue to take my conservative fight directly to them.

"This move also helps stop Hollywood elites and national progressive groups from buying the 3rd District. They aren’t pouring millions into the 3rd District based on policy differences, they are pouring it in because they know what a threat I am to their liberal agenda. I will not allow dark-money that is directed at destroying me to steal this seat. It’s not fair to the 3rd District and the conservatives there who have fought so hard for our victories, of which I’m incredibly grateful.

"I am confident this move will allow Colorado to have stronger conservative representation in the U.S. House to help President Donald J. Trump enact an America First agenda in 2025, protect our House majority, elect Republicans at every level of government, and allow us to focus on defeating the Democrats in 2024."

A statement from Allen Maez, former chairman of the Montezuma county GOP:

"I did speak with Congresswoman Boebert this evening. It was her opinion that keeping CD4 is vital. She is actively working on getting a good strong candidate for CD3. She still is working on several legislative issues for CD3 and is our Congresswoman through 2024. We should all keep her in our prayers as she moves forward. I know I will"

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