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Larry Don Suckla to Run for Colorado HD58

Larry Don Suckla: “ Integrity: A name is the blueprint of the thing we call character. You ask, What’s in a name? I answer, Just about everything you do.” Morris Mandel

Larry Don is his name and he is willing and ready to represent his district for the Colorado House of Representatives. His life has been spent farming and ranching. A ranch spanning 350,000 acres allowed him to learn the work ethic that drives him now. Spending his youth horseback learning the cattle business, gave him the character and skills that he needed to succeed in the varied occupations he pursued. Larry Don’s Grandfather James Suckla built the Cortez Livestock Auction in 1957. As soon as Larry Don was big enough to swing a gate he learned the marketing side of ranching. Along the way, he was also working and auctioneering at Cortez Livestock Auction.  Life has led him to a wide range of experiences utilizing our natural resources. He developed a deep understanding of natural resources starting in Roosevelt, Utah as an oiler on a dam project, followed by a time with a mining company; where he blasted, crushed, and hauled gravel. Later, he co-managed Ponderosa Timber with 110 employees. The leadership and organizational skills needed were Larry Don’s strength. During this time he learned what it took to build roads. The experience led him to purchase his first ranch and start a logging company.

Life gave Larry Don an opportunity to study the processing of natural resources when he managed a copper chromium arsenic treatment plant in neighboring Arizona. He returned to Cortez where he found his talents in a landscape company. Larry Don has a gift with plants, trees, and all things that grow in the earth. Through managing, working, and owning he has a vast experience with renewable, living, non renewable and fossil fuels. Most importantly, he knows that Colorado needs a strong advocate for Colorado Water.

Larry Don fondly remembers his grandad telling him after high school, that his opportunities in life are those in front of him. Larry Don whole-heartedly, follows that advice. He admired the presence his grandad held in front of a crowd which inspired him to pursue auctioneering. After attending Missouri School of Auctioneering, Larry Don joined an auction company selling farm equipment and estate sales, while continuing auctioneering at the livestock market. In fact, in 2006 he won the first timer Colorado State Auctioneering championship. Then went on to compete in several state championships and world championships over the next 3 years.

  He was one of the first field representatives for Superior Livestock Auction 23 years ago. He stays current on the cattle market and continues with his duties of selling cattle through the Superior Livestock format.   Larry Don farms and ranches with his wife and two daughters, across four Colorado counties, Montezuma, Dolores, San Miguel and Montrose. Larry Don and his wife, Julie, started Altitude Realty in 2021 providing real estate needs to the Four Corners area. Julie brought 18 years of experience to Altitude Realty making a successful real estate business. Their eldest daughter, Smoki, received her master’s degree and now lives in Salt Lake City where she works at the School for the Deaf and Blind. Their second daughter, Delta is a senior at Montezuma Cortez High School. She has had an exciting senior year leading the volleyball team as Captain, and serving as the FFA, Future Farmers of America, chapter President.  

In 2012, he was asked to run for Montezuma County Commissioner and served two terms, for a total of eight years. He diligently served the people, taking their confidence in him seriously. The people who elect him are who he considers to be his boss and he is there to represent them in all government matters. This led him to stand out among other elected officials, and he was voted to be leader in many roles during his time as Commissioner. In 2017 he was honored as the Colorado Commissioner of the Year.  

Other accomplishments during his time as commissioner included:  

Serving on the Colorado Public Lands Committee for eight years as the only freshman commissioner to be elected to that position, of which time he served as Chair for two years.   Serving on National Public Lands Committee, two years as Vice Chair.  

Appointed four years to Rural Auction Caucus, which is a National Association of Counties Presidential appointment.  

Selected and served as the only commissioner in 2018 in the state of Colorado for the Harvard Leadership Training in Washington D.C. where he spent a week with other commissioners from each state. There is only one selected from each state per year.  

Wrote a resolution which was the only resolution from NACO to pass in the Omnibus bill through the US Congress. The CDL law stated drivers have to rest so many hours during a haul. Suckla’s resolution was for an agricultural exemption when hauling livestock.  

Since term limits kept Larry Don from local office, people have approached him on a regular basis to run for office again. After talking in depth with many about the upcoming vacancy in the House District 58, he is committed to serve again.   He believes in liberty of the people with a limited government. He is not afraid to say what needs said and follow through. He is always reminded of his grandad’s words, that opportunities in life are those that are in front of you.

above was from the Committee to Elect Larry Don Suckla

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