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Kari Lake Bribery Scandal-Have You Listened to the Tape?

By Lori York

Photo from the Kari Lake for Senate website

I am sure that you have heard all about this already. If not, please read on. Jeff Dewitt, head of the Arizona GOP came to Kari Lake's house and tried to bribe her to leave politics for at least 2 years. If you do know about it, my question for you is "DID YOU LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE 10 MINUTE CONVERSATION???" If not, PLEASE DO SO! It shocking. It is a bombshell. It truly exposes how corrupt the political arena is.

This audio tape was first revealed on the Daily Mail. I have looked at several articles that cover the story, and so many are so left-leaning that I did not want to reference them. Jeff Dewitt did resign less than 24 hours later, but then wrote a resignation letter claiming that Kari Lake was blackmailing him with the possible release of even "more damaging recordings" if he didn't resign. Kari Lake , on several interviews in the days following, denied that she threatened him or had any more recordings.

What are some quick points in the conversation?

  1. the "cartel" is in all 50 states

  2. "very powerful people back east" do not want Kari to run for office for at least 2 years

  3. he asked Kari to make him a counter offer

  4. "do not tell anyone about this conversation"

  5. if Dewitt exposed this bribery , his car may go BOOM one day.

The original article is written by Rob Crilly of the in Manchester, New Hampshire. Here is the link to the article:

the above link contains the audio of the 10 minutes exposing the bribery, with captions so you don't miss a word!

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