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Joyce Rankin Visits Cortez Addresses The READ ACT

Mindy Nelson and Joyce Rankin pictured above

By Tammy Coulon

A great presentation, Tuesday night on the READ Act by Joyce Rankin, Colorado State Board of Education 3rd Congressional District and her husband Senator Bob Rankin from NW Colorado District.. Senator Rankin is one of the main sponsors for the READ Act.

A small crowd of concerned community members listened to the presentation ,disappointingly it - should of been crowded room. About a half dozen parents, concerned citizens, and one school board candidate Jerry Whited attended last nights meeting.

Joyce was Invited by a concerned constituent - not by the Superintendent or Montezuma County Re 1 school board. Why are there not more concerns about a supplement curriculum Witt and WISDOM that meets only ONE of the FIVE fundamental skills?

Witt and Wisdom is a supplement only. It is not a state core curriculum. According to the READ Act the core curriculum of all schools in Colorado should pass the FIVE FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS : 1.) Phonemic Awareness (speech and hearing) 2.) Phonics ( see the letters and sounds) 3.) Vocabulary Development (bring the child into the conversation) 4.) Reading Fluency including oral skills 5.)Reading Comprehension

Now we bring in ACCOUNTABILITY

Below are the posted scores for Montezuma County RE 1 district.

Great minds Witt and Wisdom is only approved as a supplement and not a core curriculum. What we have now is a dark, and depressive read for the child. This is what Montezuma County has previously accepted to teach the children, a supplement and not a curriculum. Here lies the problem at least to a large degree. The Children of Montezuma have not been warded the opportunities of adequate education. Further- adequate education, should be below the standards in which the educational system should accept, and yet some how this unacceptable supplement was placed in the hands of the teachers.

All schools must follow the guidelines of the Read Act to receive the funds sent out. If the guidelines are not met and scores exhibit a decline, the funds could be pulled.

Questions to ask your school board to bring in accountability. How many K -3 teachers do we have in our district? How many of these teachers have trained in the Science of Reading? Colorado has local control on school boards. The READ Act SB19-199 was 100% passed by legislation.

Stay Informed, stay on top of the education in your community. The future belongs to the children, lets make sure they are prepared, equipped, and educated for success. Dates to remember for teachers to be trained by.

Due to Covid 19 the dates were pushed to the following.

August 1, 2022 Teachers have to be trained in SOR. August 15, 2022 Teachers must have proof of training and documentation to the State licensing. We need to educate the public first .

Is your child at a reading level accurate for their age?

If a elementary teacher does little more than teach reading, children will have a better opportunity for success.

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Hello, When did the Read Act pass legislation? SB19-199? Thank you.

Replying to

It passed in 1999 with 100% approval... SB19 that 19 states the year was wrote by Senate

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