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Joining The Freedom Convoy, Our Personal Experience

Sat, Mar 12, 2022

By Vicki Broderick

I was one of the lucky Montezuma County Patriots that met the convoy in Lupton, AZ.

My husband Earl, and I decided on Wednesday, February 23 that we needed to go be a part of history. So we dropped the backseat in our Subaru, made a bed, and threw some food in a small ice chest . Thursday morning we loaded up the 3 dogs and we were off!

We arrived in Lupton, AZ. at about 3:00 in the afternoon. Lupton was the second night's stop for the convoy. There was a small group of maybe 20 people, who had arrived before us. Not only organizers, but people cooking for the whole convoy . Two young men from Minnesota had a smoked pork roast going, along with beans, and a huge pot for mac-n-cheese. After offering our help , which wasn't needed at the time, we mulled around, talking to the people who were there.

One person there to greet the convoy was Karen Bedonie and 3 of her children. Karen is running for Governor of New Mexico. We hope she wins, as she is a very well- rounded candidate. Karen has Christian views, has home schooled her children, and runs a successful business.

As dark approached, the call came out for help in feeding the masses . So we jumped in; slicing rolls , getting the tables lined up as we wanted, and making the mac and cheese. Very soon, in rolled the convoy, what a beautiful sight! Miles of lights and horns honking!

Then came the fun part of this journey, meeting and feeding the truckers. We asked each trucker not only what they wanted to eat but where they hailed from. Truckers came from everywhere and it's only the second night. Most of those who ate,

Photo Credit Ronald Vincent

offered to pay someone and couldn't believe that it was all just for them- as a gift of love!

After dinner, it was very relaxed . Talking around 3 big bonfires, laughing and having fun.

The next morning there were breakfast burritos and coffee for anyone who wanted it. There was a meeting for the convoy, a prayer with the crowd, and a speech from the Navajo Nation President who also said a prayer for safe travels .

We then left for Gallup and on to Albuquerque. The ride there was excellent. So many flags flying and people cheering on the convoy from the overpasses and side roads . Numerous trucks honking at them. The smiles on faces were amazing. The whole experience brought more than one of us to tears. And as much as I thought Albuquerque couldn't be beat in patriotism; I was wrong . East of Albuquerque, where there were hardly any houses to be seen, had overpasses lined with patriots, waving flags and cheering us on .

In Tucumcari, NM, the mayor requested that we visit his town. He wanted us to plug his Main Street. We stayed for about 20 minutes and we were invited to spend the night.

We did move on, as the Russell's Truckstop was the next scheduled stop . I might add that most of the Montezuma Patriots were going to turn around at Clines Corners, but we were having way too much fun! We did have to turn around when we reached the Russell's Truck stop. What an awesome experience! We pray for the People's Convoy; that their travels are safe and that our government hears the cries from its people .

Video from convoy passing through New Mexico 02/25/2022

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