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Ivermectin - What You May not Know

This article is not intended to persuade any choice of medical care. The medical choices for every adult should be theirs, and under the consultation of their chosen medical provider.This article is written ONLY to inform the reader of the history of Ivermectin and the profits of Big pharmacies.

By Sherry Simmons

The mainstream media has been lying on behalf of Big Pharma by falsely claiming that Ivermectin is a de-wormer for animals, when the reality is that the anti-parasite drug was first approved for human use back in 1996.

Contrary to what the main stream media would have you believe, Ivermectin was first developed for human use. Jokes and memes have filled social media painting a mental picture that the people who may be using Ivermectin are uneducated dummies.

It stands to reason that the big Pharma companies would bash anything that would hinder their profit margin. Common sense should tell us that the big pharmacy companies do not want healthy people, they do not want homeopathic cures or inexpensive treatments for illnesses. There is no profit in these things for them. If someone believes that these big pharmacy companies are driven for the benefit of humans and not their profit margin they may want to pause and research some history.

In 2015 associate research Professor Jose Munoz wrote a paper on Ivermectin its development and human benefits.:

"The Japanese scientist Satoshi Omura has recently received the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for his discovery of Ivermectin more than 30 years ago. Ivermectin is best known for its extraordinarily broad spectrum of activity against nematodes, the roundworms that cause a large proportion of the most common neglected diseases on our planet. It is used to treat millions of people at risk of contracting devastating diseases, such as onchocerciasis and lymphatic filariasis, and also plays an important role in the control of intestinal helminth infections. Because of its excellent safety profile and broad spectrum of activity, ivermectin is catalogued by the World Health Organization as an essential medicine and is regarded by many as a "magic bullet" for global health. The effectiveness of ivermectin against many diseases associated with poverty makes it a candidate to be one of the next breakthroughs in global health owing to its potential for improving quality of life and reducing mortality rates in low-income countries."

FACT CHECK: The FDA first approved Ivermectin for HUMANS back in 1996… media outlets are deliberately lying to the public

In A publishing by DR. Eddy Bettermann MD in September of 2021, Dr Bettermann explores and debunks the mainstream medias attack on the very benefits of the Human use of Ivermectin.:

"According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is really a private corporation posing as a public health agency, ivermectin should not be used by humans because it is intended for animals. A quick and easy fact check reveals this claim to be patently false."

"The fact of the matter is that while ivermectin is, in fact, used in animals, it is also approved for use in humans. The only reason that many people are having to take the animal version these days is because the governing authorities have made it next to impossible to obtain a prescription for human ivermectin, while animal ivermectin is freely available in feed stores and online."

The above was published in September of 2021, since then Ivermectin has become difficult to purchase at local farm and ranch stores. In Cortez, Colorado a local veterinarian( who will remain anonymous ) has found it difficult to obtain, for local cattle and horse treatments. Stating that a veterinarians can only order 6 treatments at a time. The government is clamping down on the availability now placing animal care at risk.

It is somewhat disturbing that the government will go at any length to protect their agenda and in this case their ties to Big Pharmacies.

The article appeared on The Dispatch on October 6, 2021.:

" Pfizer anticipates receiving about $33.5 billion in revenue this year from its COVID-19 vaccine, and earning a pre‐​tax adjusted profit margin in the “high 20s” from those sales. Boosters, per a quoted expert, would bring in about $26 billion more (for both Pfizer and BioNTech, which split the proceeds) if they’re eventually approved for all Americans. This translates to about $9 billion in Pfizer profits this year (vaccines plus boosters), and maybe as much as $20 billion next year (about $7 billion for just boosters plus billions more for initial vaccine treatments). BioNTech, meanwhile, reported €3.9 billion (about $4.5 billion) in profits for the first half of 2021, and forecasts even higher sales for the next year."

Unfortunately money drives our media, our government, our every day life. It is truly a sad time we are living in, when a value of a human life is less than profit margins and government control.

Once again this article is not intended to persuade any choice of medical care. The medical choices for every adult should be theirs, and under the consultation of their chosen medical provider.This article is written ONLY to inform the reader of the history of Ivermectin and the profits of Big pharmacies.

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Ivermectin is cheap and easy to manufacture. The pharmaceutical companies could produce it IF THEY WANTED TO. But they don’t. People have been forced to purchase it from India. in December the FDA ordered the USPS to STOP any Ivermectin coming in from foreign countries.. Also, large national Pharmacy groups are not allowing their pharmacists to fill any prescriptions for Ivermectin. That is government interference.


Ivermectin isn't unavailable because the "government is clamping down" - it's unavailable because very few U.S. warehouses have an abundance of human-grade ivermectin in stock because as a DEVELOPED, FIRST-WORLD COUNTRY most people don't have a need for antiparasitic medications like ivermectin, because, as your OWN ARTICLE STATES, parasites in humans are generally a result of abject poverty/unclean water and food sources/lack of access to hygiene.

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