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It Is Time WE Do Our Civil Duty

Photo Credit God's Grace

Mindy Nelsen Wed, Feb 9, 2022 It is time WE do our civil duty WE need to use our Voice, including the County folk. WE all need to write emails, go to meetings being held the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of every month. The website is we can be notified of meeting through our email any question call the City Clerk 970 564 4008 WE need to be aware that The City of Cortez has taken away our voice even more recently. It is noticed the City agenda is under the mayor’s discretion and is able to change the agenda to his liking. Public Comment has always been at the beginning of the meeting after the consent agenda. When Mike Lavey became Mayor the council changed the Public community comment to 6 people and the rest of the comments had to wait till the very end of the meeting. As of November 2021 the City Council made a change only allowing 6 comments at the beginning of the meeting, with no voice at the end. Which is silencing WE the People! Our forefathers wrote The United States Constitution First Amendment protecting our Freedom of Speech. It is said the mayor would have to motion extra comment at the beginning of the meeting to allow extra comment at the end of meeting. WE need to demand our unlimited voices to be heard at the beginning of the meeting!

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