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In The Spotlight Again

Lynnette Ward Oct 15, 2022,

Gail; you have once again managed to capture the 1 sided news stories that you are so good at. I would also like to provide you with new facts that comes up about "Poor Lance", every time the sleeping dog is kicked with a 2 year old dead story. I would like to challenge you to print something new and exciting, so I'm writing you with a few new ideas that will also satisfy the needs of keeping old Lance in the spotlight. The petition that was on the recall clearly stated that we wanted him out due to his unethical, unprofessional behaviour and because he publicly attacked our heroes while holding a seat in education, it had NOTHING to do with his supporting LGBTQ. Since the recall we have discovered his total abuse of power and so many more things like the programming of our children. In his own public confessions that he has forgotten were documented. Because he keeps reviving this 2 year old story, we were made aware of his total abuse of power and him using his seat on the board of education to enter our schools and push premature sexuality and personal agendas on our children.

03/15/18 Cortez Journal published courtesy photos from Lance McDaniel of our children at SWOS standing on highway 160 in a school walkout. This is being done with total disregard of our children's safety, and selfishly putting them in danger for political views. I see no parent involvement with this so I can only assume that it was done without parent consent, and that Poor Lance was the only 1 invited. High school students or not, these children are our responsibility until they are 18, they are OUR CHILDREN until they are 18, not his! On his own Facebook page, he personally posted and made comments "It's Friday my favorite day of the week because I get to listen to this amazing young people". Then he retracted to the reporters by saying that he only went once and that he delivered the pizza on Thursday for Friday lunch. As a parent I'm very concerned that they are feeding my child food that sat out over 24hr and then fed at room temperature, I think that's called tainted food and not healthy for my child. Lance has since removed all those claims from his Facebook, however there's screenshots available. Since the article by Alison Berg was such an incredibly long wave of lies, I'm only going to touch on some points. We've all been wondering how we've been making national news, with PBS, CNN, and Washington Post Magazine. I can positively tell you it's all brought to you by Poor Lance, St. Barnabas church, and Montezuma Youth pride all in a collaborative 2 year sob story. In the attachment that I sent you can clearly see where Berg says that "several people from the Montezuma Youth pride board has called me", she also tried to mislead me into thinking that this was a story about the "rainbow club", when it is in fact about Poor Lance and the recall.

I have reached out multiple times to St. Barnabas/MYP asking them who the board members are with absolutely no response. This maybe because they don't want to reveal that Poor Lance is part of the board and a hugely participants in these activities. In my opinion they might just be protecting some very unethical or corrupt local officials or maybe they fear they might have to provide background checks for people working with our children? I personally think this would be an amazing new story. Also we were told that this "anti-bullying" club was called the Lunch Bunch, was student ran, and never called the rainbow club. This again brings up more common sense questions, like which student decided to hire coordinators and GSAs ( gay straight alliances) to put in the schools, and how are these students paying their wages? Why is St. Barnabas/ Montezuma Youth pride (MYP) such a huge part of this student ran club and who's in charge of the direction of these activities? Why Poor Lance picked to be the "Pizza Fairy"? That's a new confession that no one knew about until the Berg article came out. Funny thing is most of the children wasn't even aware of that nickname so that's over the top CREEPY in a lot of options. And now that I know for a fact that St. Barnabas and MYP are the same entity, I would like to know why it appears that Poor Lance was allowed to use his seat on the board to bring in a non academic group like this in our schools? I would also like to know why we have no background checks, and are any of these people on the sex offenders list? St. Barnabas church seems to be a lot more interested in our children and appears to be working a lot of their black magic more than any other church in history, well other than the catholic church, for what reason? Also isn’t St. Barnabas just another branch of the catholic church? In closing I want you to know that I never refused an interview with Alison Berg, she simply refused to print the truth and not twist my words. I wasn't willing to be sat up like Odis Sikes was by the St. Barnabas/MYP, I'm fed up with them using the media in their twisted games. And to save us some time, feel free to do whatever you want with this rebuttal. Lynnette Ward

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Thank you for all your hard work and research pulling this all together with what these Satan following creatures are doing!

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