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*Part 2* In The Eyes Of God With Dr. Nichole Belland

By Sherry Simmons

Lets take a look back, at when the vaccine arrived. Dr.Belland relived those days for us.

"When the vaccine arrived you better believe we had people lined up, and the phone was ringing off the hook on how they could get an appointment to get in and take their shots."

"Well at the beginning you have this health care directive, its coming from the CDC, its coming from the public health department. It goes against what I've been finding in my research, but people are demanding it, providers are pushing it ..ok..well...ok... you give it."

Dr. Belland shifted slightly in her seat ,as if giving us this replay made her a little uncomfortable. She went on to tell us...

"We are not giving patients informed consent. There was no informed consent, there information to give, or even to discuss."

The vaccine protocol had nursing homes and the assisted living facilities in line to receive it, and patients were eagerly awaiting it. What would happen during this roll out would shake Dr. Belland and begin her journey of discovering truth. As she continued ,her account was so well articulated that we felt we were on the journey with her.

"So we move forward a little bit," said Dr. Belland, “and I'm giving these shots, and at the same time others are giving these shots in the nursing homes and assisted living because they were the first round.

That's where I saw patients dying. They would die in 7 to 10 days afterwards. Then it affected my own patients."

Dr. Belland paused again, and re-positioned herself. There seemed to be a bit of sadness as she spoke about the patients. She told us the hardest part of this is that no one questioned it. Through out our interview, Dr. Belland exhibited an incredible passion for her career and the value she placed in caring for her patients. She clearly was concerned for their well being and struggled with the conscientious knowledge that things were not quite right.

She explained,

"There was a lot of denial, there was a lot of cognitive dissidence, a lot of people that just wouldn't believe there was anything harmful that would be just outright given to everyone. There was still a very strong trust in our FDA, our CDC, Dr. Fauci with NIAID and other professional organizations, you know."

"So the number 1 hurdle, as a health care professional, I think,.....if you have never been suspicious, or followed American history and politics, you don't know that our government isn't necessarily straight forward. So well that's hurdle number 1 - hurdle 2, is that we have been, as health care professionals spoon fed the information they want us to have. Without realizing that Big-Pharma is pushing all of it."...every guideline, every standard of care, every protocol out there...Big Pharma has a hand in it. I didn't realize that until I started to dig. and I found the term Rockefeller medicine, that was a hard pill to swallow."

"I had to come to terms with this, the idea of this...." she paused, took a deep breath ,she said, "they're not on our side"

She began to tell us about her research, recalling studies, her own experiences, and education, It wasn't hard to see she had sincerely and diligently plunged into researching, as if almost perhaps to try and disprove what she was beginning to discover.

"I had seen that the Lancet journal had come out with a story about Hydroxychloroquine. It was all over the news discussing the inappropriate use of Hydroxychloroquine use for Covid, and the harm it can do. It was later found that it was fraudulent, and they had to retract it.

The main stream media barely announced the fraudulent nature it. So there is that false story out there about Hydroxychloroquine in the first place. We know this drug has been around for easily 60 years. It's been given to babies and children to prevent's been around a long time.

If Big Pharma can do ..if Big Pharma can be involved with these journals and put that out there...they can put out anything."

"Then you have to wonder how many the drug recalls, where they...I Pfizer.They have been in trouble before, with many of their drugs for misleading the public, how many have died of heart attacks using Vioxx, back in the day?" Before it was released, they knew it."

" you start collectively putting all this together and you have at least a speck of doubt, and that sense of doubt has grown and grown to a point now,... but,.. I don't think people understand....

"What I did on the 14th of October was not quitting my job, I walked away from my profession."

Dr. Belland had over twenty years as a Dr. of Pharmacy,; she had worked at the Cortez Safeway for 11 years. She had invested 250,000 dollars into her education. This was not a “nothing -to- lose“ decision. It meant that she was leaving what she trained for, she was leaving her passion in medicine, and she was leaving her retirement. It also meant that she was leaving everything she knew to be her world for the past 20 years .

As we listened to Dr. Belland recount her decision, it became increasingly clear that she had strong ethics and passion for taking care of her patients. She could by no means compromise their health by submitting to the deceitful lies of Big pharmacies. Dr. Belland‘s license is up for renewal and she told us that she did not know if she even wanted to continue in this field. That was a “wow “moment in our interview, because it spoke of her conviction to giving patients the best care she could, and perhaps pharmaceutical deception could not be avoided if she continued. She told us of her questioning renewing her license...

"I am questioning if I should not let go of that completely, God has to talked to me more about that."

"It was because of the Covid shots and the harm I've seen, and history. I can‘t look at a patient in the face, when they're asking me a question about their a med, I can't say with a 100 percent certainty that the information I have for that medicine is truthful. And I have no faith in the level of truth in what I've been taught."

We asked her, “so it was when you looked into Covid, it was then you realized that all medicines may come into question?”

" Yes, I really went through a grief cycle with that, because we so closely identify with our profession, there's a lot of pride. I had a lot of pride in being a pharmacist, because it took so much to get there, there is a respect in the community for that position, I've been very welcomed and very much supported by this community over time. So to walk away from that,...lets just say I am not lying about what I have seen, that's the only way you could get me to walk away from my patients and this career."

"So I was seeing this and I got to a point...I'm not giving it,...I'm not giving it. So i made a decision."

Dr. Belland told us that she arranged with a co-worker, for that coworker to give the vaccine on her days and Dr. Belland would give the other medicines on her days.

"That seemed to be a decent compromise at the time, ... even though I didn't like they were given at all, I did not feel like there was not too much choice in the matter, .. then they opened it up to walk-ins" ( as she spoke, her facial expressions changed and it was visible how her words were indicative of her passion for the well being of her patients and her conviction of doing what was best.)

'So I started to refuse and say,... I have hundreds of hours into researching this, I'm not comfortable giving it,...and most people were respectful of that, I would can come back Tuesday, or you can go across the street or down the street and get it right now,but I personally don't feel comfortable.”

'And it was on my birthday, June 19th, it was a Saturday, and I had a kid come in. I was by myself, I had sent my Tech home, He looked to be early 20"s , I told him I wasn't comfortable giving it. It was the following day, I was told by my store director that there was a complaint about me, and it went up the corporate chain about me not giving the shot. So that was on Sunday, so on Monday, I received a call from my boss saying you give this shot or you're fired. So the next day, I went on personal leave.” "Well medical leave, I should say, to deal with my long haul Covid stuff and to regroup.”

During that time, Dr. Belland sent some emails to her corporate boss to clarify her position. She was told that there would not be any accommodations for her. She told us that she had been watching people come in for these shots so I had to get off the side lines so I could speak up.

"You know, my medical leave was almost up and I needed to quit, it was never an option to stay."

"I took a lot of pride in our pharmacy, I've worked really hard over the years to provide excellent service, so when I went in there after a four month period to see these long lines of people, how far behind they were, and people not being taken care like i felt I would have myself, it just set me off , they don"t deserve these customers, they don't deserve me, they don't, ..they don't care. To Be clear, they don't care"

"This was an extremely freeing moment for me, to walk out of there, and know I would never step back in there as a pharmacist again. Its freeing....I am no longer part of Big Pharma.”

After pausing for a few moments, we could see that Dr. Belland was reflecting. She began to tell us that the vaccine is not the answer, and people should do research for themselves.

"There are many ways to protect oneself from Covid, with out taking these shots. The Covid is not the weapon, the vaccine is the weapon, to be used to hurt a lot of people, and they are."

"I think the other part, that people need to understand....(she cleared her throat and her voiced was lowered in such a away that we could feel her sincerity) ......the people who are in charge of this are a horror story. know how important the role of fear is. It makes us not think clearly, it makes us emotional, and we jump to conclusions quicker and make faster decisions that aren't necessarily in your best interest. I would say that it is the same thing people are facing in contemplating whether they are going to lose their job because of the mandate.”

"There is so much fear in that, you cannot be objective in making the best decisions for yourself.

When it comes to the mandate they cannot force you to get an emergency use authorization shot.””The only FDA approved vaccine shot is Comernity; it is not commercially available, nor do I believe it ever will be because they would have to disclose whats in these shots, and they are not about to do that." "I know what is being stated about Comernity and the other shot being renamed and being the same thing, Its not true!

Do not let anyone jabbing you sell you that. If you are there to get the jab because of a mandate, do not accept anything expect a vial with the name- Comernity on the label."

Dr. Belland has referred, in this interview, to how the main stream media has played such a large role in this whole Covid mess. (Selling fear, and selling the emergency vaccine.) We would like to add here, that these media outlets advertise for big Pharma, it only takes a minute to see how the media has a vested interest in all of this.

(please take a minute to view this very telling video)

" So people believe oh, because the media has said the Pfizer shot is approved,,,get the Pfizer shot. So everyone knows that there is a Pfizer shot out there, ...they are not realizing this bait and switch they have played on people. So with that much in your mind, you're going to march up there and get this Covid shot because of a mandate."

She also spoke about health care professionals, " I don't care what healthcare sector you are in, you're going to have some fear, because - you are either afraid of getting Covid, or you are afraid of losing your entire career and identity, by being bullied by our medical/ pharmacy, nursing boards/ or employers.

" I get the question all the time.. “why aren't more people saying something.?”Well, you walk away from your 6 figures career, you've worked so hard to have. There is so much fear driving one‘s decision in doing the right thing, for themselves and for humanity.”

"I do think there are certain players that know full well what they are doing but I don't believe your typical primary physician, family practice physician, your local pharmacist.... I don't believe they are conscientiously hurting people. They are just not able to see it...yet. The part about this I don't like, is the arrogance of some of the ignorance, by them not doing the due diligence to at least look at the other-side of the argument, regarding these shots."

We will end here for now and resume our interview next week. We will ask Dr. Belland if she has had any conversations with any other professionals in Cortez that align with her opinion.

We add, that it has been an honor to speak with Dr. Belland. We truly respect her openness in telling her story as we continue to take a deep look into her commitment and passion as a pharmacist.

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It's very nice to see another pharmacist with a conscience. When I was booted from retail pharmacy for refusing to dispense a drug with abortive mechanism, I also thought that the career was probably over. That turned out not to be the case, since I found a retail operation willing to hire me (complete with ethical standards), then I moved to nursing home pharmacy, and then to hospital pharmacy. If my current employer decides that I have to be jabbed, it's time to leave this job too. Perhaps Nichole Belland should hang on to that license for a bit, and utilize it for whatever practice she goes into next. Keep up with the continuing ed and plan the next m…


Thank you for this interview. And thank you Dr Belland for your courage to speak the TRUTH.


I have never seen an article with this many grammar errors. What a joke. You people are dangerously stupid.

Replying to

It is the information that is important, not the grammar.


Thank God for the people like Dr. Belland. Everything about this vaccination rollout sent up red flags all over the place. I have a brother-in-law that got the shot along with his co-workers and almost immediately got Covid along with all his co-workers. My sister who in unvaccinated did not get it from her husband who she sleeps with!

My friend and all her family got vaccinated except the children and just a bit later every one of them got Covid except the children. I believe that the so-called "vaccinated" people are spreading it. The doctor who developed M-RNA technology says that vaccinated people are super "shedders". How many countries like Israel with almost the entire country vaccinated are …

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