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In The Eyes Of God Interview with Nichole Belland Our Local Pharmacist Hero

By Tiffany Gray

“ This has been a long process, not a spur of the moment….I had to make a decision to be right with God..... Covid Changed everything." Dr. Nichole Belland

We want to begin by sharing statements from Nichole at the start of our interview, which speaks volumes and shows those looking in from the outside a glance at this incredibly courageous Woman.

Many have seen or heard about the local lead Pharmacist that was captured on video the day she was forced out of her job. We are bringing you, her side of the story. Nichole worked at Safeway for approximately 12 years here in Cortez and has over 20 years in the field as a Dr. in Pharmacy. She graduated in Minnesota from the College of Pharmacy in 2000. She is also an Army Veteran. It goes without saying that she not only remembers the oaths she took as an Army Veteran but also the oath she took entering her career as a Dr. in Pharmacy. Those oaths do not fade with time, but are to be upheld over a lifetime. Through the course of these columns you will see her dedication to these oaths, to her patients, her commitment to Christ and how this has lead her to be the respected and loved pillar of our community, and what fuel her courageous step to speak out.

Dr. Nichole Belland, a beautiful, familiar face to so many residents of Cortez has become a local legend and hero to many. Nichole recently quit her job publicly as the Pharmacy Manager at the Cortez Colorado Safeway. It was when someone had taken a video her quitting, and shared it on social media, it quickly exploded across the cyber world.

After the video aired, many people who were patients of Nichole were commenting on how much she would be missed.

Bob Ower, a resident of Cortez, and a long time customer of Safeway Pharmacy gave an account of when he first met Dr. Belland some years ago. He said he was given a prescription for a new medicine and he went to Nichole to ask about it. Bob said "she was so kind" she took me in a small room she pulled up my medicine information and they read it together. She never gave advise on whether to take it or not, she just gave him the information so he was able to make a informed decision. He said she made him feel comfortable and at ease and he was very grateful for her dedication and kindness. "She cares about her patients"

Chris Tucker another customer of the Safeway Pharmacy, described Dr. Belland as always friendly and helpful, "my favorite Pharmacist!" She also went on to tell the Chronicles she has been waiting on a refill of her medication from Safeway Pharmacy for nearly a week. Questioning perhaps the effect of Dr. Bellands absence on the productivity and staff .

Nichole sat down to visit with us, dressed in flattering green, wearing a calm smile and began to tell her story.

"This has been a really long process, this was not a spur of the moment decision by any means to leave my job. It did come to a point where I had to make a decision to be right with God."

"So there were a few things along the way in Pharmacy-land that troubled me and the role of Big Pharma, but when Covid hit it changed everything. I guess the first thing with this, was everyone was afraid to get Covid."

"It was so sensationalized and statistics were twisted, there was such a production made of this that we all just took it in in horror, right. All of us, all of the health care professionals were looking at this like- wow. We were all trying to do the right things, wearing the masks, making sure everyone distanced, and putting up the shields and all of that. We were really taking this serious and I did know a couple patients that died of Covid pretty quick on- allegedly. . and it was scary"

She went on to talk about, "it was at the same time, President Trump was talking about hydroxychloriquine, and he was ridiculed." She said there was quite a bit of truth to what he was saying.

" When the vaccine came out quote unquote i don't call it a vaccine. We all knew it was way too soon"

"Because it take years to come up with any vaccine."

So that is when she started to look into the history of this, and that was early on.

She told us that "the mNRA technology has actually been around and tested for decades It has been tested, on animals, and unfortunately none of those animals survived."

" So that was the very first flag that these different animals, ferrets, monkeys and mice and you name it. They would be injected, everything would be fine and they'd get through that first initial hurdle. They would be reintroduced to a virus, corona virus of some kind. and they would go into anti-body dependent enhancement... a Cytokine storm.and they would die."

(During a cytokine storm, various inflammatory cytokines are produced at a much higher rate than normal. This overproduction of cytokines causes positive feedback on other immune cells to occur, which allows for more immune cells to be recruited to the site of injury that can lead to organ damage.)(From News

She told us her concerns initially were the long term picture on what this was going to do to the immune system. She said" we are seeing that play out right now, but the main stream media has done spectacular job of censoring, they are pushing a narrative that is so incorrect."

They are trying to say it is the un-vaccinated that are making the vaccinated sick, well that sounds stupid when you say it out loud doesn't It?

Little did she know that she had begun an intense journey of research, verified resources with her education, her experience, and Christ to guide her.

The first “vaccines” arrived. Nichole eagerly opened the box, pulled out the insert, to find it was blank, Yes you read that right. no warnings, no possible side effects, no ingredients.

She asked her supervisors for reasonable accommodation to not give her patients something she was not comfortable with, as there was no clear indication as to interactions of medications or health conditions. The answer she was given in a nut shell.....she would be terminated if she did not administer the Covid shots.

Dr. Belland went on personal leave the very next day.

The first round of community shots went to assisted living and nursing homes.

This is where she began to notice in the assisted living and nursing homes, within 7-10 days of having received the COVID shot, there were deaths. Some being her own patients. She also noted that there was no claim of correlation between Vaccine and the deaths.

She had a difficult journey ahead of her, seeing what she was seeing and finding out information which would disturb her.

Dr. Belland spoke with such an educated dialog, so informed reciting information and facts after facts. So much that the we concluded to continue her story, in each addition until we are able to report it all. There is such an intense and valuable amount of information within her interview, to be fair to our readers and to Nichole we will publish in a series of publications..

There is so much more to this incredible story and it will be continued in the next publication of the Cortez Chronicles.

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The attacks on this whistleblower who has stood on her ethics, shows she is right over the target, time will prove her right or wrong, but eventually the real data will surface and be undeniable.


The writer of this article needs some grammar lessons. I'll pray that you learn the error of your ways. 🤣


It's too bad that apparently "Dr. Belland spoke with such educated dialogue" but this article is a verifiable trainwreck.

Also, one person can't have a "dialogue" - a dialogue is between at least two people, hence the prefix "di," good lord.


@Bob Ower, part of a pharmacist's job is literally to explain medications to you and go over any side effects. Legally they CANNOT tell you whether or not to take a medication prescribed by a doctor, unless it's related to side effects you were experiencing. She was literally just doing what she was supposed to do as a pharmacist, you ain't special and neither is she.


I’m not sure what response you are referring to. My comment was in complete support of Nicholes. Story. And will now read part 2. I am not vaxed and don’t intend to take part in being an experiment.

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