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Icons Follow Up: To The RE1 School Board

Photo by Lynnette Ward

to Drew, Cynthia, Jenette, Ed, Stacey, Shari, Sherri, Layne, Deb, Risha,

Sorry to bother you again, I know how busy you are, but this is just a quick follow up..Also just a bit more information. I feel like I kind of left you in the dark.

MAPS, this is a term used by pedophiles that are using the mask of the LGBTQ community to hide their activities. This stands for Minor Attractive Person. Is a person attracted to minor children, (birth - 10)

NOMAPS stands for Non Offensive Minor Attractive Person, this is the same as the first, with the exception that it uses social acceptance.

PEAR that stands for Pro Expression Anti Regression, which sounds totally different than what it is. But it's a pedophile using more acceptable, less obvious words. They are self aware.

These people will stop at nothing to get to our children, including changing their names and sliding into our local LGBTQ community. They are now thriving on premature sexuality. There are 61 registered child sex offenders within a 5 mile radios of our middle school. 9 of them are guilty of using their position of power, and abuse of trust on a child. These facts can be found on the City of Cortez, and the Montezuma County Sheriff's website. This is only the ones we know about, and it is an extremely high number considering the size of our community.

My concerns are that, there's no one properly trained to handle this situation. Another concern is we have unregistered sex offenders hiding in our local activists group. These icons are also a visual, constant reminder that young sexual activity is socially acceptable, and is even promoting it on some levels. This is a indicative of why there are rises in teen pregnancy, abortion and STD's. This is why it is important that we allow the parents to handle sexuality. And it is imperative that these visual inflammatory icons come out of our schools. Parents need to have the right to protect our children, and it would help you meet your personal goal. Thank you: Lynnette Ward

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