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I am Very Proud of Lauren Boebert

By Lori York, DVM

OK, so Yes, McCarthy became Speaker after all this. But OUR Lauren Boebert stood strong, along with Matt Gaetz (FL), Andy Biggs (AZ), Eli Crane (AZ), Bob Good (VA) and Matt Rosendale (Mont). The last six voted "present" to allow McCarthy the Speakership, but they did not actually vote to support McCarthy.

Lauren was on Warroom with Steve Bannon, and faced Sean Hannity on Fox, and she remained calm and determined, even as Sean talked over her and would not allow her to answer his questions. As Sean continually asked her if "they had a plan" for speaker, she remained cool and continued to state that yes, they had a plan. It was "NO McCarthy". You may think that they lost this fight, but actually they WON BIG. The concessions that McCarthy made to convince the original 20 Freedom Fighters to change their votes are astonishing (see the Gateway Pundit article I posted).

I have been upset with Lauren because she would not mention Election Integrity in her recent campaigning.. Maybe almost losing her election made her more bold and more determined. I am sure that once in DC you have to pick your battles carefully (there are so many) and this battle against MCarthy was very important. I cannot imagine the threats that Lauren and the rest of original 20 received, the insults and severe criticism they faced and the hate they probably felt in that chamber. Below is a comment made on Warroom by past representatvie Matt Cawthorn;

I do not judge any of those that changed their vote in the end. You could see in their demeanor and speech that they were not happy voting for McCarthy. What threats had they received?

We must thank the original 20 of the Freedom Caucus because their courage changed the way the House could be run from now on. They do have to vote on the Rules Change Package when they come back, but it is expected to pass, according to Jim Jordan.

Just one example of an important rule change: Did you ever wonder why the Dems could slap down a 1000 page bill at midnight and call for a vote on it the next day? That was one of Pelosi's rules! New rule: they must be allowed 72 hrs to read a new bill before voting. YEA!

Please call or write the 20 members of the Freedom Caucus and thank them for their courage.

Here is the list:

This is My Opinion, But I think these people are heroes.

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