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House Votes at 6:30 PM Monday Night to (hopefully) Kill FISA Spying on Americans without Warrant

By Jim Hoft Apr. 15, 2024 11:30 am

from The Gateway Pundit

On Friday, the House voted 273 to 147 in favor of extending Section 702 of FISA, a provision originally enacted in the aftermath of September 11, 2001.

This legislation permits U.S. agencies to monitor foreign targets abroad but has come under scrutiny for its implications and past misuse in surveilling American citizens. The vote displayed a uniparty alliance, with 147 Democrats and 126 Republicans supporting the bill, while 88 Republicans and 59 Democrats opposed it.

The approved legislation proposes a two-year extension for the surveillance program.

Rep. Mary Miller (R-Illinois) stated her opposition, referencing past abuses: “I voted NO on reauthorizing FISA without a warrant requirement and serious reforms. FISA was misused by Obama to spy on the Trump campaign, and under Biden, to monitor his critics, including Tucker Carlson.”

An amendment was proposed by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), which would have required a warrant for the FBI to conduct surveillance on Americans under FISA. The floor vote resulted in a tie vote of 212-212. Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) then broke the deadlock by casting the tie-breaking vote against the amendment, a move criticized by grassroots supporters.

Johnson betrayed Americans and defied the US Constitution.

As The Gateway Pundit readers are well aware, the Biden regime and deep state players have been targeting and spying on Trump and his supporters for several years now. This has to stop in order to preserve a free society!

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) has not given up following Friday’s disappointing vote by RINOs, Democrats and Speaker Johnson.

Rep. Luna sent a letter to all 435 members of Congrees on Monday urging them to protect civil liberties, follow the US Constitution and fix the current legislation to make it constitutional.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna sent a letter to all 435 members of Congress urging them to follow the US Constitution and correct the FISA bill in a vote this evening in the US House of Representatives.

Luna asks her colleagues: “Is the 118th Congress going to set the precedent that we, as Members of Congress, will be protected from warrantless searches but that the everyday Americans that we represent will not be?”

Senator Mike Lee is urging Republican Representatives to VOTE NO today on the motion to table the motion to reconsider.

Senator Mike Lee: The FISA 702 fight in the House isn’t over. Some representatives voted to reauthorize 702 even though the amendment requiring a warrant narrowly failed. I suspect some of them are having regrets about how they voted on Friday—or at least they should be. And tomorrow they have the chance to redeem themselves when the House votes on a motion to table the motion to reconsider the reauthorization of FISA 702 without a warrant requirement. I implore all House members to vote “no,” and take a stand for the Fourth Amendment.

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