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Help Evaluate the MCMS Social Studies Curriculum Now

By Mike Lynch, MCSD school board Director for District G


The public has the opportunity to view/inspect and evaluate the curriculum for the Montezuma Cortez Middle School social studies program now till May 20th.  The materials are on display at the Administration Building in the old Boardroom.  These potential new materials could be implemented as early as fall 2024.  I want to encourage the Montezuma Cortez School District community to be involved in one of the most fundamental factors influencing the education of students, the selection of curriculum.


Your MCSD school Board will be voting to approve or reject these curriculum materials soon after the review period.  It would be much better to identify any problems or concerns before a curriculum is chosen, purchased, and implemented than afterwards.


The materials must remain in the building so it might be difficult for each person to review all the materials.  It might be a helpful strategy for a group of persons to split up the work and share each other’s findings.  The materials may be too much for individuals by themselves and the limited time available.


Additionally it might be helpful to prepare beforehand.  I suggest you might consider making a list of things that you would judge as good, bad, and unacceptable.  Look for those things during your review.


I encourage you not to leave this review up to others who may not hold similar beliefs as yourself.  Get with friends, take time off from work, and invest in this important step of assuring quality education for our community’s students.  And if you are unable to participate, please talk to your friends who are of like mind and who are able, to participate in your place.


In my opinion, vigilance is necessary for us to improve, if not maintain, the quality of primary and secondary education in our country.  And it happens by focusing on our county and our school district.  Please help make it happen.

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