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HEALTH: 6 Secrets of Ivermectin: The Medication That Keeps on Giving

Best of all, Ivermectin is incredibly safe and cheap.

Published 6 months ago on November 2, 2023

By vnninfluencers

From: Vigilant News

This article originally appeared on and was republished with permission.

Guest post by Michael Turner, M.D.

Greetings Dear Friends,

Inspired anew by my recent podcast with my friend Dr. Kory (who must be considered the world’s expert on the use of Ivermectin in COVID), I wanted to share some summary insights with you about this truly astonishing medication.

I like to call it “The People’s Medicine.” Why? Well consider for yourself..

From humble origins being discovered in a soil sample near a golf course in Japan (NB: still the only place in the world it has been found), this little natural medicine has benefited human health like few others in history. For good reason the Nobel prize committee called it a “wonder drug” and “a splendid gift from the earth” — and that was before COVID.

We know it won the 2015 Nobel prize in medicine for curing disfiguring parasitic diseases like elephantiasis and river blindness; we know it was listed on the WHO list of “essential medicines”; and we know that it prevents COVID and saves lives via multiple different mechanisms.

But this is all fairly well-known; I actually want to move beyond COVID and add value to the discussion by drawing your attention to all the other ways I believe this is truly a miracle medication.

1. It revolutionized veterinary medicine and arguably stabilized the world’s food supply.

When released in 1981 it quickly became the top-selling veterinary medicine in the world, unique for its properties to effectively kill parasites internally and externally. Impacts range from saving Lassie from heart worms…

.. all the way to eradicating parasites in cattle, pigs, sheep and goats. (And in this latter capacity, it can be argued to have contributed significantly to stabilizing world livestock numbers/food supply.)

2. It’s active against the FLU and RSV.

Inhibits flu and RSV viral replication, which is why it’s included in the FLCCC flu and RSV protocols.

  • Bonus for all you world travelers: It’s also active against Zika, Dengue, West Nile, Yellow Fever and HIV (read all about it).

3. It reduces inflammation throughout the body.

I raised a curious eyebrow the first time a patient told me “I took Ivermectin and my hip arthritis felt better,” or “Ivermectin helped my back pain.”… Then I did the research and found Ivermectin has systemic anti-inflammatory effects (blocks TNF-alpha, IL-6 and NF-kB).

So when a patient told me “I rubbed topical Ivermectin on my eczema patches and it did wonders,” I just smiled knowingly. (Nothin’ like being informed!)

4. Improves the gastrointestinal microbiome by boosting levels of the probiotic Bifidobacterium.

This finding comes from the research of Dr. Sabine Hazan.

But wait! There’s more!

5. May help with athletic and sports performance by boosting cellular energy output in the heart.


What if I told you that Ivermectin allows heart muscle cells to more efficiently create energy — even when depleted of oxygen (as would happen with intense exercise). Read all about it here.

The fact that it works this way in heart cells creates the possibility that it could do the same for all cells. (In full science geek jargon, “Ivermectin increased mitochondrial ATP production by inducing Cox6a2, a subunit of the mitochondrial respiratory chain.”)

Not surprisingly, then, I recall overhearing an anecdote from the eminent COVID scientist Geert Vanden Bossche Ph.D (who started his career as a veterinarian), relating that racehorses that got Ivermectin seemed to run faster. (At the time, no one knew why.)

And now… drumroll please… the grand finale; the pinnacle; the apogee; the zenith; the ne plus ultra of this amazing medicine.

6. It has profound anti-cancer properties.

How profound? Well, consider the following:

  • Overcomes cancer cell resistance to chemotherapy (read here)

  • Inhibits a protein (PAK1) essential for the growth of more than 70% of all cancers (read here)

  • Multiple mechanisms of action against breast cancer (read here)

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