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HB22-1033 "Constitutional Carry of a Handgun"

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Dexter Gill Date: Mon, Feb 7, 2022 LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE ACTION will be having a hearing on HB22-1033 "Constitutional Carry of a Handgun" TOMORROW,l Feb 8th in House Committee Room (HCR) at 1:30 p.m. . This is the first step following being introduced. Many Bills do not make it out of the "first step" Committee. Last week, the Mountain Lion hunting ban bill did not make it out of it's first step, committee. That was GREAT, But NOW, will this Constitutional Carry bill make it out of Committee, or will it be killed? The Committee is the "Public & Behavioral Health and Human Services Committee". Interesting committee for a Gun bill?? Sounds like a new "kill committee"! ?? The Chair is Ms. Dafna Michaelson-Jenet, phone 303-866-2945 ; Vice Chair is Ms. Emily Sirota, phone303-866-2910 The Sponsor of the Bill is Ron Hanks 303-866-2747 . Mr. Hanks was here last Saturday, some of you may have met/heard he. We can take a few minutes to support Mr. Hanks and to encourage the Chair and Vice Chair to move the Bill Forward out of Committee. Just for keeping things in perspective, Laws do NOT prevent crimes,they only punish the person committing a crime IF he gets caught. Compliance with any law is totally voluntary. Persons complying with a law are honest, moral, law abiding citizens, at least for that moment. Police and the Law, do NOT protect you from criminal actions. Open carry of a firearm is legal, so if you are open carrying and a snowstorm arises, you grab a coat that likely covers your open carry, you are suddenly a law breaker by becoming "concealed carry". How does anyone know who is Conceal Carrying? It is concealed,remember? The list goes on an on. The concealed carry law prohibits the honorable law abiding person from protecting his/her self from the criminal element that is NOT going to obey the law! When you are dead, you will not know you are dead. The pain is only felt by others. It’s the same when you are stupid. Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.


Constitutional Carry Of A Handgun

Concerning the authority to carry a handgun.

Session: 2022 Regular Session

Subject: Crimes, Corrections, & Enforcement

Bill Summary The bill grants a person who is at least 21 years old and permitted to possess a handgun pursuant to federal and state law the same authority to carry a concealed handgun as a person who holds a permit to carry a concealed handgun (permit). A person who carries a concealed handgun without a permit has the same rights, limitations, and authority to carry as a person who holds a permit. A person may obtain a permit for the purpose of using the permit to carry a concealed handgun in another state that recognizes a Colorado permit.

Under existing law, a permit is valid for 5 years. The bill makes a permit valid for the life of the permit holder. Existing permits, other than temporary emergency permits, are converted to lifetime permits. Because permits are valid for the life of the holder, the bill repeals provisions relating to the renewal of permits. The bill repeals the temporary emergency permit to carry a concealed handgun.

The bill repeals local government authority to regulate open or concealed carry of a handgun, including repealing the authority of special districts and the governing boards of institutions of higher education, as applicable.

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