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Gross misuse of Power by Congress

by Tiffany Gray

Gross misuse of Power by Congress at the American peoples expense.

The following will give you a brake down and a little more of the House budget CMTE. This was sourced by Jesse Watter’s investigation team. Validation can be found via YouTube Watters World. (Video attached below Column )

Right now this budget has been stalled out and “frozen”. This budget proposal is over 2,300 pages long. Hmmm? The financial brake down below as sourced from the above, will give an eye opening experience. This budget calls for 2 Trillion in tax increases, which America has NEVER seen before in history. This is higher socialist taxes than both our Communist China, and very socialist European countries.

Mind you this budget is coming from an administration, that says the more inflation we have the stronger the dollar gets. ( As stated by Biden ) An administration that claims they have the most ethical team all the way down to the standard they hire their staff; as noted by Psaki 10-18-202 on Fox News. The same person who appears to have violated The Hatch Act with 3 different ethical violations.This was first done by offering that her and the president would do everything in their power to not only help but seems to endorse Terry McAuliffe. ( Virginia D Governor candidate. ) Harris has done the same thing in a very rare appearance via press release. Be sure to check out the Canadian company that was hired called “The Sinking Ship” that hired children to appear with Harris.

Here we go.

400 Billion. for government Day Care. Paying more taxes after your death. 50 Billion. ( think Inheritance taxes and then some ) Overall 80 Billion. in tax hikes to small business owners. This comes not only in inflation, but energy costs, fuel and overall inflation. But hay while we are at it, we are seeing the consumer rates climb quickly in energy, product and yes nicotine and tobacco that will continue to climb. Natural gas prices are expected to rise 37 plus percent as we enter Biden’s dark winter. We have already seen our fuel prices soar as we continue to shut down our natural resources as seen in Obama’s administration. Remind yourself where that fuel is now coming from, the Middle East and Russia.

This also allows funding to double IRS agents. In that carries what we most have seen that if you have more than 600.00 in your accounts the IRS now has the right to snoop.

7 Billion. for Green New Deal and funding to employ “Climate Police”. 27 Billion. for Green Bank. We have seen this several months ago. This bank focuses on Americans using wind and solar in order to get funding, whether it makes sense for the area you live in. It has been stated on the above listed that this is the reason that California has rolling black outs. You are allowed token what you have until it transfers in either remodels or sales. would this not lower the property value if you sold and this New Green Deal is passed on to the buyer? This includes 2 Billion. for the Green New Deal Job Training which continues to lock out our natural resources making us to be further dependent foreign countries.

100 B. to give amnesty to approximately 10 M. illegals. This is not counting those who have yet to cross. This gives them free exemption from the “vaccination” when they cross, but free tuition in education, free healthcare, free tax credits as we are taxed with more, and yes free welfare.

5 Million. for “culturally appropriate lunches” in schools What does that even mean?

7 Billion. for the riches colleges, the Ivy League.

250 Billion. to bail out Health Insurance Companies when they received 1 Trillion. last year during the “ Pandemic “. keep in mind this also houses tax payer funded abortions, even if we don’t agree the is where our tax dollars have been going and will continue to go even on a state level.

Here is the best.:

Free housing for felons.

25 Million. for butterfly’s. Yes you read that!

25 Million. for desert fish? There is water in the desert under these droughts?

25 Million. for muscles? An invasive specifies?

4 Billion. to remove “raciest infrastructure”. Our History?

Funding for Healthcare Workers to be trained for Equity, CRT.

Last but not least. Grants to treat people for Loneliness. Hmm, projected shut downs??

The below video is worth the watch

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