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Freezing in the Dark

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Letter to the Editor

August 24, 2022

Freezing in the Dark One thing we can learn from Europe is the importance of having our renewable energy infrastructure in place before eliminating existing energy sources. Our neighbors rushed to terminate fossil fuels hoping clean energy would catch up, telling citizens to chop wood this winter, an obvious step backwards for CO2 emissions. You see, everything depends on energy, and although solar and wind are helpful, (I own 64 solar panels) they are not enough. A diverse energy mix provides energy security. Martin Lewis the “Money Saving Expert” founder, warned its viewers of a “cataclysmic” energy crisis this winter with a typical UK energy bill possibly over 3000 pounds, “We are talking about millions, if not 10 million people moving into real poverty this winter.” In the US, 20 million US homes are already behind on energy bills states Bloomberg News. E&P firms are “reluctant to pursue new projects and state the real energy crisis isn’t even here yet. Mixed messages from politicians and the current war on fossil fuels make it unhelpful to commit to long-term projects.” So if you are hurting financially this summer, look ahead. Are we prepared as a nation to reduce or eliminate fossil fuels? Critical thinking and civil dialogue are key components in our search for a cleaner environment. Let’s put the needs of our fellow man above our desire for instant solutions and consider the risks of limiting our energy sources. After all, we don’t want to be caught freezing in the dark.

Rebecca Craddock

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This is only common sense that you don't get rid of your sources of energy until you are able to replace those sources with something that actually works as well and is just as affordable!

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