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Fired For Refusing the Vaccine After 12 1/2 yrs Of Employment From Hero to Villain

" I had long conversations with God, I didn't want to lose my job"
"I knew it would be rough, but I had to do what was right."

By Sherry Simmons

Denise Braun 55, had worked at the Madison House for the past twelve and a half years. She was in her owns words "self taught " to be the activity director for the past 18 months. When the order to be vaccinated came down the chain of command from SHO (Senior Housing Options), Denise knew she didn't want to get the shot. Denise told us " I had long conversations with God, I didn't want to lose my job"

Denise recently lost her husband Ken, a Vietnam Army Veteran, and said she was feeling very lost to start with. She said " I don't know who I am."

Denise refused to take the vaccine and submitted a religious exemption, which was denied.

She was told it was denied because she had taken the flu shots in previous years. Denise told us "I am a New Christian" She explained how she feels now is not the same as she felt before accepting Christ. She knows in her heart she can not and will not take the vaccine.

It may very well become a legal case for Denise. When did we get to the point in this nation, where any entity had to right to decide the validity of ones beliefs? Who has the right to decide when, how, or why someone decides to follow Christ? This is a very dangerous area we are entering. If this kind of power is allowed or even tolerated just once, there will be horrible consequences coming from the establishment of precedents. Where does it start and where does it end? It could ooze into every place of worship, every place of ones own moral compass, every place of employment and everyday routines. There is no description or legal exemption about how you may have believed in the past. This would seem to be a clear case of violating our basic constitutional right to practice religious freedoms. None the less, it has left Denise jobless for now.

Denise shared her last few days at work. She willingly began training her replacement. At some point during that training, Denise needed to take a sick day due to severe headaches that she had been suffering for some time. She began to wonder about the daily COVID tests she was required to take as a possible cause.

While out on sick leave she received a call from work. She was told that SHO gave a directive to let her go. She asked, "Am I being fired?" The answer she received was yes.

Denise, clearly holding back tears, told us " I have never been fired in my life, and I've been working since I was 12". As an onslaught of differing emotions engulfed her, she struggled to get the words together. She told us the residents of Madison House were like family to her and were very dear to her heart. So, here she is. Denise has lost her husband of 22 years, lost her job of 12 and half years, and lost her daily contact with the residents. Her contact which provided social emotional benefits to the residents of Madison House, as well as to Denise. This explains her comment to us that she doesn't know who she is.

Denise filed for unemployment benefits only to discover an on-going fraud case involving the use of her identity. Someone had been receiving unemployment benefits under her social security number. Denise has spent several weeks making calls, but as of now, has not seen any resolution of the issue.

"'This whole thing is messing with my psyche, I've never been fired. It was not just my job, I want them to have quality care. I saw them every day!"

"I knew it would be rough, but I had to do what was right."

Denise said she had seen four patients die after receiving the COVID vaccine. All four had completed booster shots and passed away 2 to 4 months later. She told us she understands that these are senior citizens and as such death is expected but it seemed their health quickly declined and cognitive skills decreased after the vaccine. She also said there were 2 residents at Madison House at the time of her leaving that refused to get the vaccine. These two had been separated from the rest of the residents. She said she expects to hear from their families when they are required to leave Madison House once the vaccine becomes a federal mandate.

What has happened to Denise is happening all over the United States.

On Sept. 9, President Biden issued a public directive that all companies with more than 100 employees must "ensure their work-forces are fully vaccinated or show a negative test at least once a week."

According to Biden's federal vaccine directive/mandate, any company that does not comply will face a fine of $14,000 per case.

During his speech, Biden also stated that "all nursing home workers who treat patients on Medicare and Medicaid" and that "those who work in hospitals, home healthcare facilities, or other medical facilities" as well as "all executive branch federal employees" and "federal contractors" must get vaccinated.

If these Americans choose not to get vaccinated, they will lose their livelihoods. As Biden said, "This is not about freedom or personal choice."

It is quite puzzling that this mandate is directed to healthcare workers, and assisted living personal. These same care givers worked through last years COVID outbreak without a vaccine. They were herald as heroes, but now, somehow their commitment and selfless determination to provide care even in the midst of the COVID pandemic is now nil and void. The level of hypocrisy in this administration is astounding.

Biden's federal vaccine mandate does not apply to Americans on welfare, illegal immigrants, members of Congress, or their staff, U.S. Postal Service employees and many others groups are exempted.

According to Biden's dictatorial directive, Americans who work at a company that employs more than 100 people have no choice but to get vaccinated or lose their job. That same standard now applies to the health care workers who have heroically put their lives on the line giving care to COVID-19 patients.

There has been no explanation why Biden refuses to mandate vaccines for the 59 million Americans who receive welfare benefits. Biden's vaccine mandate targets the very core of the American work-force who pay taxes which inevitably sustains the millions of welfare recipients.

Biden in his arrogance does whatever he wants, without regard to the absence of the Constitutional provisions that he took an oath to uphold-- he wants what he wants, period. His administration of ten months has shown a complete dictatorship towards the American people.

Simply put, Biden is mandating that the American work force, who supply most of the tax revenue to pay for America's welfare system, must be vaccinated or lose their job. However the beneficiaries of the welfare state, those who contribute nothing, are exempt.

Let us also note that illegal immigrants are also exempt.

Let us recap a moment, for the Americans who are dedicated and are the backbone of our work-force. According to Biden "it's not about freedom or personal choice", but for illegal immigrants, and welfare recipients vaccinations are voluntary.

Biden's vaccine mandate is targeted toward the 80 to 100 million American citizens who get up and go to work. The ones who make the wheels of this nation go round. Biden ignores the 60 million Americans on welfare, and the thousands who illegally cross our southern border every day.

Biden's vaccine mandate is not about getting the vulnerable vaccinated. It is about the Biden administration unfairly and unnecessarily forcing hard-working Americans to choose between their personal choice and their livelihood.

This is even more puzzling given that data shows Medicaid recipients are among the least vaccinated.

According to a spokesman for Immigration Enforcement, "The Department of Homeland Security continues its vaccination efforts to include voluntary vaccinations for individuals in the care and custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement."

Once again, for working American citizens, Biden says it is not about freedom or personal choice, but for illegal immigrants, vaccinations are voluntary.

Denise, like thousands of Americans, has been force out of her job. Once held in high esteem as a hero for going the distance and caring for her residents through the COVID pandemic, she is now vilified.

Denise is the same person today she was in 2020, caring, dedicated and committed to quality care. What changed?

Fortunately there is hope in the horizon. The U.S. Court suspended Biden's Tyrannical vaccine push on Nov, 7th 2021.

You can watch the video below

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