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"Firearm Liability Insurance" Does Not Exist

Yesterday the Senate State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee passed a bill to require gun owners to maintain a liability insurance policy on their firearms (HB24-1270). It will now go to the Senate floor. There are several problems with this legislation:

1."Firearm liability insurance” does not exist. By requiring consumers to obtain a product that isn’t available as a condition for legal gun ownership, this bill would essentially ban legal gun ownership by default.

2. The only reliable solution for the above issue would be to force insurance companies to create and offer a novel product. But just like they shouldn’t be putting arbitrary conditions on Second Amendment rights, the government shouldn’t be telling businesses what products they must sell

.3. Insurance companies are generally given wide discretion on who they are willing to offer coverage to based on their own internal calculations of “risk.” Therefore, this bill would give private companies dominion over individual rights protected by the Constitution.

4. Suppose this bill is signed into law and the product it requires gun owners to purchase is thereafter created. In that case, it will place an unconstitutional financial barrier to exercising our God-given right to bear arms and defend ourselves and our families.

The Colorado State Shooting Association (the official state association of the NRA) will continue our fight to defeat this horrible bill in the legislature. If it is signed into law, we will explore every legal option to overturn it.

You can support our fight to defeat this bill by becoming a member and/or donating, particularly to our legislative action and/or legal funds. Also, by signing up or donating between now and April 30th at 11:59 PM, you will be entered for a chance to win a free AR-15 that we will be giving away to one of our supporters selected at random.

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