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Fed Up Mom to Superintendent

Shannon Englehart

Oct 1, 2021, 12:22 PM

Email sent to the superintendent I just found out that the board and yourself have once again taken it upon yourselves to decide what is best for my child. Overreach is an understatement. Your job as educators is to teach my child math, reading, and history. Your job does NOT include making HEALTH decisions for my, or anyone else's child. Their education and social emotional health suffered the last few years at the hands of the district. Not a care is given about that. My son will not be masked or muzzled for something that has a survival rate of 99%. That's even if my child were to catch it. I have already asked for my child's work, as he will not be attending school during the next two weeks. If you decide to extend said overreaching mandate(which is NOT A LAW) I, along with many other parents, will permanently remove my child from the RE-1 school district.

Shannon Engleheart My post on Facebook School board held an emergency meeting and just passed that they are going to mask our kids for the next two weeks. I have already called the school and told them my son WILL NOT be in school those two weeks. I am hoping more parents follow suit and do the same thing.

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