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FC 912 news bytes: Report on BOCC Meeting 4-8-24 & More

By Dexter Gill (Photo from Facebook)

To start, the City of Cortez had elections for 4 Council seats.  Results were two New members and two returns, from 6 candidates.  The Four elected top votes were, Rachel Medina, April Randle, Bill Lewis, and Robert Dobry. Congrats to all. The Caucuses for the upcoming Primary ballots ended with local candidate, Larry Don Suckla making the GOP ballot for State House Rep. in Dist. 58.  Congrats to Larry Don, now the next hill to climb!

Planning and Zoning dealt with only 3 Land issues this week.  One of interest was the Ute Mtn. Tribe having purchased the old “Woodys” property, requested Zoning  change and approval of some expansion for store, coffee shop etc.  This was a follow up on a previous request. This request had all new work  in full compliance with the LUC and the “Commercial” Zoning  was in recognition that the old “Woodys” had been grandfathered as historically Commercial previously. This was passed.

Public address had an opposition expressed on the special county tax proposal; another on the Sheriff office arresting him  etc.; Two concerns expressed with the increase in Solar generating fields compromising agriculture wildlife etc.  One requested the BOCC develop an ordinance to have some control over future installations.

Two grant applications for enforcement were approved to move forward, one “High Visibility” and one for funding that could another one FTE for Court Security. It was noted that any grants that provide funding for new personnel is in reality temporary for only as long as the grant funds are available.  Once the grant /funds end, so does the FTE position. Historically that has been a problem with all special government programs, grants, etc.


Empire Electric Requested a letter of support for a grant to place a major power line underground near Dolores.  The above ground/river was the problem area recently in the high winds resulting in a wild fire from the power lines.  Commissioner Lindsay recused himself from the vote, due to his being on the Empire Board.  Letter approved.

The County Tax issue resolution will be presented next week, which will apparently include an exemption for farm equipment. 

It is reported that the Legislature has a couple Bills on our Water issues, one Bill is to require a Permit from the State to do any dirt work (construction, repair etc) within 1500 feet of the “States water”, (i.e.) stream, lake etc.,  that is about ¼ of a mile.

On another note, regarding concerns over a proposed National Monument on the Dolores River, lower down, there is a public meeting at the Yellow Jacket Livestock Auction facility THIS Saturday April 13, at 10:00 a.m. All concerned/interested come find out the details.

Just a bit of info on “Did you Know”?    There are 192 Countries in the  world (at last count). The State of Colorado land size is larger than 117 of those “Countries”!  Now, Montezuma County land area is Larger than 33 of those “Countries”.   Hmmm, All of those little Countries sit at the UN, while Montezuma County does not even sit at the State Legislature. Hmmm 

"Children nowadays have too many gadgets to fool with and not enough chores."---Harry S. Truman (1884-1972), 33rd American President and Missouri farmer.

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