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FC 912 news Bytes: BOCC and Other Notes April 24, 2024

By Dexter Gill

First note is, The Legislature only has a couple more weeks to instill maximum Damage they have set out to do..  Pray that we can out last them!!!.

Starting back on the 24th, more Land Use actions needed approvals, including a proposed seasonal “Glamping Resort” in the Mancos area. Discussions pointed out how the Land Use Code (or any code/regulation) cannot address all possible uses within constantly changing conditions and economies in relation to Constitutional rights etc.. Project was approved by  vote of 2/1. 

Another Land Use issue was presented at BOCC hearing on 4-23-24 regarding  a proposed Dollar General Market on road 145 , seeking a “High Impact” permit.  Much public concerns and opposition had been received previously at a Planning and Zoning meeting.  The current hearing addressed the previous concerns, and heard more opposing views.  The question was and is, does the proposal meet the specific Land Use Code criteria?  After a long hearing, new information and concerns were brought up, so the decision was to continue the hearing decision until April 30th, for the BOCC to evaluate the new information received. No new input will be taken or heard prior to the 30th decision time.  So don’t bother contacting the BOCC with your opinions.

The Ute Mtn. Rodeo is coming up June 6-8. BOCC approved  a special event Liquor license.

Concerns have been received regarding the humongous Solar Farm to go in on the Ute Mtn. Reservation.  The County and State have nothing to say on this as it is a Sovereign Nation within Federal gov’t Treaty lands. Which brings up the point that  there are NUMEROUS proposals for more, even larger, solar farms being proposed on BLM Territorial lands in the Southwest, and wind farms further north.  The proposals are not from the people, Counties and States.  There is concern being expressed by some that the Solar farms may likely generate larger and more damaging hail storms, due to the excessive heat being reflected up into developing thunderstorms.  Recently Texas lost several thousand acres of solar farms this way.  What will we have in the storm travel zone? 


In public Address, a public member thanked the County Clerk for presenting the very good description of the “voting process” using the machines that is being conducted here.  Information was received that is not commonly known about Statutory requirements etc. .  It is good that we all acknowledge and thank our County officials and staff when/as they do their job well.  We are too quick to complain (usually don’t know the whole story) and too slow to express a job well done.

In other actions, several Grant applications were approved to be sent in by Public health and Sheriff office.  A decision to reduce the number of high mileage vehicles, which are also not always “necessary”.  The main reason is due to high costs of insurance and maintenance on the older vehicles.

Regarding Insurance, Commissioner Candelaria stated that at recent State County meetings on fire prevention, it was learned that some insurance companies are leaving the State and others greatly raising rates, especially relating to vehicle and property damage , and also Medical issues. Regarding fires, this makes it all more important to take measures to “harden” your property/homes against wildfires. On Property/vehicles, Damaging HAIL Storms are increasing and damaging today's much more expensive vehicles (EV’s) etc. and State building codes , all to meet the U.N./States Climate Control Agenda.  Hmm recall the above mention of Solar fields involved in hail storms.   The Governor needs to learn a principle of Physics, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. 


For those interested in the Ironwood issue, it is still in the courts.

Also, the lawsuit against the Fair Board is still in court. Sad!

On the National level, Biden and Company, on Tuesday, announced a goal to “restore” 8 million acres of “wetlands” over the next 6 years, to counter development and recently weakened federal regulations. In “Addition” they are committed to “reconnect”, restore and protect” 100,000 MILES of rivers and streams nationwide by 2030.  Hmmm where will Dolores River NCA and proposed National Monument come into play on this one??

Possible help could come with House Natural Resources Committee Bill H.R. 7408 “Americas Wildlife Habitat Conservation Act” which will promote renewable energy resources on federal lands.  The Interior Dept. (BLM) and enviro NGO’s are upset, claiming it weakens the Endangered Species Act (ESA) etc. (We should certainly hope so)!! .  It counters their push for the destructive “Recovering America’s Wildlife Act”.

Wolves are still an issue, with four (4) more calves killed.  Livestock producers have petitioned Gov. Polis to kill/eliminate two (2) of the imported wolves.  No response from Polis.  This all highlights the problem with The “Federal State” controlling the west half of the State and the federal/NGO’s pushing using the ESA to eliminate land resource management and use in western Colorado.

Enough for today.

LKY: Thank you, Dexter!

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