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FC 912 news bytes , addendum to Report on Commissioners meeting April 10

By Dexter Gill

A couple of items got missed in the last report  so giving some more updates as well here.  It was reported that a Bill is in legislature under “ADA requirements” for hearing impaired public, to have visual text available for meetings, videos. Etc.  , no funding attached to the Bill for Counties to secure necessary equipment.  If this passes, what happens, less public meetings, videos, etc.??

There were some items of interest discussed in the Monday “Work Sessions”.  For clarification, the BOCC Tuesday meetings have been changed to handle “hearings” and items requiring “records of decision”, (ie) Resolutions, approvals of actions etc..  The previous Monthly Reports of depts.. and proposals for discussion, etc. are conducted on “Monday Work Sessions”.. In the latest Work session it was mentioned that the “County Recorder”, who process a LOT of public records, can record your military DD214’s  for Free. and they are “secure” (ie) not open to public.  If you need a copy later, that can be readily provided and certified if necessary.  A service to our veterans.  Also it was noted that the Veterans office is now back in full business. 

  The County Clerk Reported on the numerous concerns of the voting process.  Considerable time has been taken to review the process concerns and explained them.  In the next report there will be further follow-up info presented. 

It was noted  that the Clerks office, being an elected State official, is not under direction of the BOCC, which is the same for Sheriff, Treasurer etc.   We highly recommend YOU to go to the County Web page and watch/listen to the weekly  “Work Session” which is recorded, for the “what’s happening” in the operations, like a new endangered “Silver spot butterfly” habitat is holding up the trail development project, which is not reflected in the “official decisions”.

Today the Legislature sent  Gun bill SB24-066 to Polis.  Requires credit card purchases for guns and ammo to be a “coded” purchase, so enforcement can find out who is buying.  Does NOTHING for abating gun violence, but will raise Credit Card rates, etc. and black market.

Tuesday, Congressional Bill H.R. 6492, “Explore Public Lands Outdoor Recreation Experiences” (EXPLORE) was passed, pumping $1.1 TRILLION taxpayers “IOU’s” into the outdoor recreation equipment suppliers corporations.  Idea is to get YOU to visit and recreate on “your public land”.  Thinking new Dolores River National Monument is involved??

Wall street investors are deploying flocks of sheep to mow the grass in solar panel installations.  Inflation reduction act tax incentives helps cut costs by having sheep mow the grass as opposed to having special equipment mowers.

Question,  How “FREE” are We the People of the U.S.?  Under international Scoring for “Human, Personal, and Economic” freedom’s, the U.S. scored #17 below  Switzerland #1 , Norway #10.  We have given up our “freedom” for false concept of security, wealth and pleasure.

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