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Faith - Fight The Good Fight

Photo Credit Daily Verse Knowing Jesus

A prayer for faith strength and guidance

Almighty God your Mercies are unending. Father we come to you this day and ask for your continuous guidance. Forgive us Father for we have been quiet. Forgive us that we have not stood our ground as the children of the Most High. Now oh God we look around we see the decay of our nation. We see oh Father that we did not speak up against the evil and now it is upon us. Forgive us Father for we looked the other way, we went about our day and now it has become a dark mist upon our land. Merciful God plant our feet on solid ground and ignite our spirit that we do not remain silent. We pray Father that we no longer hide our light that we honor you and speak the truth. Forgive us and renew us Almighty God that we live our days honoring You. Forgive us Father for we have allowed You to be removed from every corner in our nation. We watched and were silent as you were taken from our schools, our marriages, our courts, our households. We watched and were silent as the sanctity of the unborn was diluted. Forgive us Father, ignite our spirit that in these days of evil we shine, we proclaim the gospel and we stand firm in You the Holy of Holy, the Everlasting Almighty God. Let us not waiver from the truth, let us take up your armor and be the army of Christ. We praise your name Almighty God, El Shaddai. Forgive us and stand us up. Let us spend these days in honor and worship: let us be bold and united in the gospel. Bless us oh Lord that we do not waist a single moment as we wait for your return. Raise up the body of Christ, stir our spirit that we be bold and loud and bright. For we belong to you, we are the army of Y'shua; the Holy Lamb of God. The Days of Darkness are upon us, have mercy oh Lord wake us up, shake us that we fight the good fight. We see Father all that is before us, we see oh Holy God that evil is all around. Thank you that You are our fortress and our refuge, our strength in times of troubles. We pray Father to serve you well, to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ and to be lights in the darkness. We love you, we rejoice in our Lord Jesus. We pray Thy will be done and Thy kingdom come for all Glory is Yours, Almighty Holy God. Amen, Amen

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