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Equity Audits, What It Really Is

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To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing as a concerned citizen and educator of Colorado. Currently there is a group called the Colorado Education Initiative that presents to numerous schools in Colorado and around the US that perform “equity audits” for schools. Data is collected on student demographics, demographics by district and student programs that are provided. Race and ethnicity are then looked at based on the data that is collected. Educators are then tasked with looking at this data in order to discuss and determine what, if any, inequalities exist.

During the presentation very little background on the company was provided. A PowerPoint presentation was given and at the start of this presentation a slide was presented showing a picture of an immigration card from 1922. The story that followed told of a family member who traveled from Mexico to America in order to become a US citizen. This family member spoke Spanish and it was shared that due to speaking Spanish, a decision was made by the school to hold the individual back a grade. As a result of this decision, Spanish was no longer passed on to the younger generations.

When listening to this family story being told I had a lot of questions as well as thoughts. I have worked many years in the educational system. I have seen and heard dozens of families who have traveled to America from all over the globe. One of the biggest reasons families come here is because America is known as the land of opportunity and it is the last FREE country in the world. Some of the thoughts I had while listening to this story were, there are a multitude of factors that are not being addressed here.

There are also several possible reasons why the school held this individual back. Why is it the fault of the school? Is the message here an example of inequality when comparing it to the country the family left?

Schools today hold students back for a number of reasons and several factors are taken into consideration before doing so. Student’s best interests are discussed, possible pros and cons of holding back vs not holding back are looked into and the desired outcome of the goal is to make sure the student has a successful path in the near future.

However, the way this story was presented, was in such a way, that it was the school’s fault the person telling the story did not learn Spanish and the family’s first language died due to the school system. This narrative, I did not care for. In fact, it made me feel anger.

I am aware that educators have big hearts and can react to stories and situations like this from the heart and perhaps the speaker was hoping for this. I have a heart for what I do but I also have a keen sense of logic and rational thinking. Questions that formulated in my head were: If Spanish was so cherished by the family, why wasn’t it taken in school? Foreign languages are a requirement and are offered at all schools, so why not take it to fulfill the foreign language credit? How has the family benefited since moving from Mexico and coming to America? What opportunities have been available and given that never would have been possible had the family stayed in Mexico? How has the family thrived because they now live in America?

The presentation continued and groups were given slides to look at and discuss. Then groups were given a link that listed cynical narratives and aspirational narratives. I don’t remember where these narratives came from but after reading through a few of the narratives I was done. Several of the cynical narratives were around white and white privilege (which is NOT a thing) and LGBTQ comments. The aspirational narratives had several statements about equity, black lives matter, and genders and gender-neutral bathrooms being empowering. I do not know of any female student in elementary, middle school, or high school who would agree that gender-neutral bathrooms are empowering. This is disgusting and perverse and it’s these kinds of Trojan Horse Programs that infiltrate our educational systems and push a false narrative.

More on the Trojan Horse theory: When looking further into the history of the Colorado Education

Initiative group I found some very interesting things. The Colorado Education Initiative was formerly known as The Colorado Legacy Foundation, which was started in 2007, when Obama was in office. The Colorado Education Initiative is also funded by the GATES FOUNDATION. The same Bill Gates who funds the World Health Organization, Planned Parenthood and the World Economic Federation. All of which have hidden agendas and do anything but concern themselves with equality. The same Bill Gates who never graduated from college and is NOT a scientist. The same Bill Gates who is on trial for Crimes Against Humanity. The same Bill Gates who has billions of dollars which allows him to use his money to infiltrate educational systems and influence them to carry out specific programs that are detrimental to our youth. The Gates Foundation has given millions of dollars to educational systems, groups and programs that claim to represent something, that on paper, looks wonderful but once implemented the virus has begun. One really should stop and ask the question, WHY? Why is the Gates Foundation overly involved in the educational system and why do they have a hand in what happens in our schools?

Several of the board members for the Colorado Education Initiative are also members of PARCC (Partners for Assessment of Readiness for College Careers). When looking into some of these individual’s backgrounds one can see where their schools have received large amounts of money from the Gates Foundation to implement programs like the Colorado Education Initiative to push the narrative that schools have equality issues.

Below are some helpful links to read more on what has been shared above. The first link is a visual that explains who is on the board for the Colorado Education Initiative. The second link is an article on Bill Gate’s involvement with WEF and COVID. The third link shows how much money the Gates Foundation has given to the Colorado Education Initiative and the last link will need to be copied into the web browser in order to be opened. This link explains how Gates funds the WHO and other organizations.

There are multiple sites one can find helpful information about the Colorado Education Initiative group, the Colorado Legacy Foundation and the harm the Gates foundation has done around the globe. Time needs to be taken and should be taken in order to research these programs to really have a clear understanding of who is behind them and their true agenda. Please use a private search engine like Duck Duck Go or Brave when looking. Google is skewed. The time is now to end these harmful programs that come into the school system like the dangerous Trojan Horses that they are. People are awake and aware and know that anything tied to Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation is lethal.

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