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Ellen Kessler resigned After Anti-Rancher Statements

January 24, 2022

A message from the Colorado Republican Party

Fellow Coloradans -

I wanted to let you all know that Gov. Polis' anti-rural appointee, Ellen Kessler, has resigned this afternoon after we called for Jared Polis to fire her over her despicable anti-rancher statements.

Kessler recently stated, "Would our lazy and nasty ranchers/ cattlemen even raise a finger to make something like this work or is using a cow to bait the wolves their solution? A living cow doesn't make money for them. Only a dead cow does. If the slaughterhouse doesn't pay them for the carcass, they'll blame the predators so the State will pay them for livestock lost from predators. What a racket. What a scam."

Meanwhile, Jared Polis still owes Coloradans an answer on whether or not he supports this kind of language. Kessler has done the right thing and resigned, however it is still shocking that Polis would appoint someone like her to a board.Colorado's farmers and ranchers deserve our thanks, not ridicule or false and demeaning rhetoric. That's why the Colorado Republican Party demanded that Polis fire Kessler for her shocking statement targeting ranchers who have lost livestock to wolves.

The Colorado Republican Party is proud to stand with our hardworking ranchers and farmers. The lack of respect from the Polis Administration for our rural citizens is unacceptable.

We need to continue to hold Jared Polis accountable. Please sign our petition and call Jared Polis' office and let him know that he needs to disavow these disgraceful words by his appointee.

Governor Polis' office number is (303) - 866 -2471. >> Petition: Demand that Polis disavow these anti-rural commentsKBB

Chairwoman | Colorado GOP

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