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From: Dexter Gill Date: Wed, Oct 5, 2022 ELECTION INFORMATION Yes, time is moving on faster these days. Only a couple of weeks before the mail in ballots will be showing up in your mail box for this Mid-Term Election. You should have all received the State “Blue Book” on the Ballot Information for the 2022 election. It is 110 pages to explain 8 ballot issues!!! To help with understanding, our 912 Guru has prepared brief explanations and included the 912 recommendations for voting. That takes about 3 pages and can be viewed and read on the Four Corners 912 web page at . Also for your consideration, below is a simple one sheet quick summary with the recommendations. See attachment! Various County, State and Federal offices are up for election as well on this ballot. Who do you vote for? Remember, ALL candidates are “just people”, no smarter than most of you/us. Do they tell you why you should vote to have them represent YOU, or do they say why you should NOT vote for their opponent? Do they or you know that their oath of office (job description) is to protect the Constitutions, NOT to do what their constituents and “party” ask/tell them to do/? Another consideration is to realize that at the State level, the legislators make laws that are “supposed” to be in compliance with the Constitution, and there is no means of accountability other than the ballot box in the future. At the County Level, County Commissioners are also “law makers” via regulations, Land Use Code, etc. and accountable to enforce the laws they make. That is way different from the legislature. All other County elected officials are Administrators, who make NO laws, but are accountable, via their oath of office to ADMINISTER the laws made that apply to their office, that includes the Office of Sheriff, which also acts in support of other offices in need of physical enforcement needs. This year, the County has only one office that is contested on the Ballot, that is the office of Sheriff. Who to vote for? To help, FC 912 has sent a letter requesting information from both candidates, Sheriff Steve Nowlin and challenger Odis Sikes. We in 912 do not endorse or support ANY Candidate for ANY elected office, but rather strive to provide information as best we can for YOU to follow up on and make your own choices. Currently, we have received a reply from Steve Nowlin and have attached the printed statement for you to follow up on. This is ALSO on our web page at http://fourcorners912, just scroll down to the item. We will send out the response from Odis Sikes. As soon as his response is received. Interesting, note is the County is NOW installing security cameras at the voting drop boxes, as per the new law passed last legislative session. The equipment Cost is by “State grant”, however future maintenance, etc. will be County . Of course, as you know, both the State and County costs are TAXPAYER Costs, just which pocket is it taken from, the right or left or the one you sit on! BE SURE TO GET INFORMED AND VOTE!!!! When the election is over, THEN we ALL need to follow up with the elected offices to work with them to help them comply with their Oath of Office in carrying out their responsibility they said they wanted to do, according to the Constitution of the United States and State of Colorado. STATEWIDE BALLOT ISSUES 2022


Amendment D House Concurrent Resolution 22-1005 - New 23rd Judicial District Judges

Since there is a new district, it has to be staffed.


Amendment E House Concurrent Resolution 22-1003 - Extend Homestead Exemption To Gold Star Spouses

Any tax break is good, especially to these folks.


Amendment F House Concurrent Resolution 22-1006 - Charitable Gaming Constitutional Amendment

Removes impediments


Proposition FF House Bill 22-1414 - Healthy Meals For All Public School Students

Another scheme to tax ‘the rich’ for the children.


Proposition GG Senate Bill 22- 222 - Amount Of Tax Owed Table For Initiatives

Places added costs and regulations on citizen initiatives process.


Proposition 121 Initiative #31 – State Income Tax Rate Reduction



Proposition 122 Initiative #58 – Access to Natural Medicine

The department of health needs no additional power. This is also ‘racist’ since it excludes peyote in the list of substances.


Proposition 123 Initiative #108 – Dedicated State Income Tax Revenue for Affordable Housing Programs

The State has no business in the housing market.


Proposition 124 Initiative #96 – Concerning Liquor Licenses (number allowed)

Proposition 125 Initiative #121 – Sales of Alcohol Beverages (allowing wine in grocery stores)

Proposition 126 Initiative #122 – Third-Party Delivery of Alcohol Beverages (to allow home delivery)


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