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(Dominion)Voting Machines Just Wrecked Elections in Puerto Rico

The island held elections on June 2 and 121 polling stations reported zero votes!


JUN 13, 2024

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We are now five months away from the 2024 election — and Dominion’s electronic voting machines just failed in Puerto Rico’s primaries held on June 2nd!

The “failure” of Dominion’s machines was so obvious and widespread in Puerto Rico that even Biden regime media outlets like AP and ABC were forced to admit that it actually happened.

Puerto Rico’s elections commission announced that it was “reviewing its contract with a U.S. electronic voting company” after hundreds of discrepancies were discovered.

Hundreds of discrepancies!

AP reported that Puerto Rico was using 6,000 Dominion voting machines for its primary elections held on June 2nd.

Here’s the key section from AP’s story: The problem stemmed from a software issue that caused machines supplied by Dominion Voting Systems to incorrectly calculate vote totals, said Jessika Padilla Rivera, the commission’s interim president.

While no one is contesting the results from the June 2 primary that correctly identify the winners, machine-reported vote counts were lower than the paper ones in some cases, and some machines reversed certain totals or reported zero votes for some candidates.

So election officials now admit that Dominion machines “incorrectly calculate vote totals” and they even “reverse certain totals” as well as “report zero votes for some candidates.”

In fact, Puerto Rico’s election issues are so bad that the Department of Homeland Security was “helping” them out — and the FBI was on stand-by.

Here’s the key section from Prensa Latina’s story on the botched primaries: There are races in which no candidate obtained votes, the official argued, blaming the errors on the programming of the machines when exporting the results made by the Canadian corporation, owner of the counting machines, for which they have a 40 million dollars contract.

The situation is such that in 121 cases where the total number of votes reported was zero, of which 91 corresponded to PNP polling stations and 30 to the PPD, for which the company was requested to issue a report on all the results.

In addition, PRITS (Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service) was ordered to assist in the investigation to find out “exactly the error.”

Did you catch that important detail?

They’re admitting that 121 polling stations reported zero votes for the primaries!

That’s the sort of spectacular failure that’s difficult to hide.

Meanwhile, back in the Banana Republic of Biden (formerly called the United States of America) the lawyers for Dominion Voting Systems are still preparing to litigate defamation suits against media outlets that reported on these issues in 2020.

In fact, my personal attorney has notified me that Dominion’s lawyers wish to depose me this summer for their case against Newsmax.

How can a company whose products don’t work actually sue news outlets for reporting that their products don’t work?

Don’t worry: I will call Dominion Voting Systems and ask them to explain why their machines just wrecked free elections in Puerto Rico.

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