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Dividing the Divided (The Rainbow Club) Part 2

By Mindy Nelsen

For quite some time, school district officials have tried to misdirect parents and other concerned community members with information regarding the Rainbow Club. The former Superintendent tried to say Google Search says.... "this club is in Durango not Cortez. "Miss Monica, the Cortez Middle School sponsor of the Lunch Bunch, was questioned for months concerning proof of a permission slip. Suddenly, a permission slip was obtained. This permission slip was finally obtained from the principal of the middle school and was labeled "The Rainbow Club." Numerous other comments from parents of these students and pro Rainbow Club supporters have spoken to the club being present in Cortez. Yes, it's here, it's in Durango, and it's nation wide, folks.

Photo of conversation on Social media

The above-mentioned permission slip further stated that, Friday Lunch Bunch groups are informal peer social groups that meet during lunch/recess. Student-led groups enjoy pizza provided by St. Barnabas Episcopal Church member donations. This group started in 2018 and the local school board knew nothing of its existence. This fact alone, should be enough to cause redirection of this club. The permission slip also states that some attendees are LBGTQ while others are allies or supporters.

In another recent letter, that was sent out by the Middle School principal on September 14, 2021, it says, "while these groups are student-led and are not school sponsored; It is the practice of the Middle School to require permission slips for all students age 14 and under who wish to participate in such groups."

Colorado Law 13-22-101 addresses minors making decisions regarding their bodies. This law is interpreted to mean that minors are under parental guidance/direction until the individual reaches 18 years of age!

There is actual verifiable proof, in some cases, that they (the club) have enticed the students with money and prizes, on top of the offer of pizza. ( also bribes to participate in other LBGTQ local sites)

All of this as a ploy to encourage middle school students to attend club meetings. Most of the activity is handled through social media through a group called Discord! Last year when this club was discovered, the principal at the Middle School said that there is no Rainbow Club; (it’s called the Lunch Bunch) and further stated that it is a club to protect against bullying. The principal also mentioned that this club had speakers attending the meetings and leading the students.

It seems to me that stating there IS NOT a club called the Rainbow Club and then stating that the said club is called the Lunch Bunch is a type of deflection. It seems that there isn't something quite right about all of this!!

The Equal Access Act of 1984 states that persons not connected with the school may not direct or regularly attend meetings.

"To prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, "

CRT and the Genders Identity ideologies, go hand in hand. The two entities are present in schools throughout the nation and abroad. They no longer target certain age groups but are now setting their sights on pre-kindergarten age children.

Below is a video of "woke" toddler:

There seems to be no age limit for the indoctrination of our youth. Below is a Montezuma County School District RE-1 post. Hidden in plain site. Please, note the rainbow color hands and the age group is children 3-4. Although there is not any information on this notice as to what they will be teaching in the 3 hours per day, their logo speaks to their motives.

The majority view on gender ideology is, it does not belong in public school.

Concerned parents are not asking for the club to be dissolved, but not be held at school. What would seem as a reasonable solution, to have the rainbow club meet off campus was simply ignored.

Distressed citizens began approaching the Montezuma County RE-1 School board about their concerns involving the rainbow club lunch club many months ago. The school board made statement as to address this before the school year began. Partially addressed and clandestinely added to board meeting agendas, the board failed.

During The October school board meeting, the school board members simply and shamefully only passed the buck.

Although the concerned community members brought the rainbow club to the attention of the school board long before the school year had begun, Sherrie Wright stated:

“The groups that are already meeting will continue to meet for the rest of the year, and then whoever is on the next board makes the decisions on how they deal with it.”

Once again many are feeling disappointed in the Montezuma County RE-1 school board, they have failed to listen, failed the transparency test, and most importantly failed our Children.

Just as the critical race theory controversial implemented in our schools, many concerned community members brought this to the school board before the end of last years school calendar. Just like the rainbow club issue brought to them, they have yet to act on this, have yet to obtain an approved curriculum for our children months later.

Our children are weeks into this school year, they do not have a state approved curriculum, they are not being taught the necessary reading writing arithmetic, etc... but by golly they have the rainbow club safe and secure for the rest of the school year.

*Editors Note:

It was brought to our attention just before publishing, that there are other clubs in our schools. Below is a notice from Cortez Middle School - club Strength Peer Leaders (started in Cortez- 2019 ). While the club face value is the focus on bullying and suicide prevention, nothing these days should be accepted without due diligence in research.

A quick look into this group lead straight to Sources of Strength .org

Disturbing information in this group and its' goal of social emotional learning. (SEL)

It would seem this ideology indoctrination has many faces. One could easily conclude they aim to get into our children's' head one way or another.

Here is a little bit from their website:

"We have heard from our partners across the country about the need for a quality strength-based prevention curriculum at the elementary level. Much of what exists in this space includes solid Social Emotional Learning content but an inadequate focus on mental health or proactive prevention for things like bullying, substance abuse, violence, and suicide.

Our elementary model continues our commitment to moving further upstream, increasing health and wellness, and decreasing negative downstream outcomes through empowering individuals and communities full of connection, belonging and resilience."

Social Emotional Learning Focus

"This curriculum integrates well with many of the practices and programs that schools are already using, such as Restorative Practices, Mindfulness, PBIS, etc. The “SEL Focus” section of each unit aligns with the core social-emotional learning competencies in the model developed by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), used by many districts and schools nation-wide."

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