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"Died Suddenly" Documentary from the Stew Peters Network

photo from The Epoch Times

Do not watch this documentary if you do not want to know THE TRUTH about the COVID jab. Do not watch if you do not want to shocked or disgusted. Even though I knew that "fibrous clots" were possibly the cause of death, and the clots were caused by the "jab" , I was still horrified at the videos and photos shown . There are multiple videos of people actually falling over and dying, some also seizuring as they die. Actually seeing this happen is even more appalling than just hearing that someone "died suddenly". Isn't it interesting that the people questioning the cause of these deaths were embalmers and not M.D.'s?

Please watch the whole documentary. Near the end they present the data on miscarriages, and fetal abnormalities that occur after the mother is vaccinated. It is horrifying, but it is TRUE.

If you do not understand already that we are in a WAR with the Evil Ruling Elite , and this "jab" is meant to KILL US, maybe this documentary will convince you of the HORRIBLE EVIL that is behind this COVID "jab".

Please DO NOT vaccinate your children, and please try to convince family members not to get the "jab" or its boosters. and PRAY that God will quickly intervene and STOP the EVIL.

If you have had the "jab" and regret it, there are protocols you can follow to attempt to clear your body of the toxic effects. Go to I-RECOVER post-vaccine treatment protocol at

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