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CRT School Curriculum

The children of the RE-1 school district are 40% below national average. As a concerned parent I decided to find out why. I have met with board members and heard multiple reasons why they feel that way. The #1 excuse I heard from a couple of them is "poverty". Not that poverty doesn't play a role, it is not the key reason that our children are not meeting their full potential. There are so many other factors holding them back. After some extensive research, I have found that the biggest reason is the curriculum Wit and Wisdom. This curriculum was adopted into our K-5 schools last year, and our 6-8 this year.

After studying the Colorado State approved curriculum, I have found that Wit and Wisdom isn't the primary curriculum being used (per Mr.Parr). It is in fact a supplementary programming tool, based heavily on Social Emotional Learning (SEL). This is leaving out the essential key components our children need for their education.

SEL is a curriculum designed to teach our children using 2 very powerful critical thinking components, social and emotional behavior. This combined with CRT is pushing our children into a collective thinking pool, stripping them of their individuality. Wit and Wisdom has used this curriculum to push many hidden ideologies. Wit and Wisdom has failed the Tennessee State Standards twice, and I haven't found any evidence that it actually passed Colorado State Standards. It is in fact in violation of the CRT bills. Its curriculum slid in the backdoor with COVID-19, being part of the grant money given to schools to teach it.

We as parents need to stand together and tell our school board that we demand better for our children and their future. We need to let them know that we want this out of our schools and want the curriculum that our children need to succeed.

Lynette Ward

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