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"Created Equal" by Clarence Thomas

Book Review by Mary Freestone

THIS IS AN EXCELLENT BOOK. It is the true story about a remarkable man who started out life with his only possessions were all he could fit into a grocery bag. He lived with his Mother and a brother until their home burned down. They then moved in with his Grandparents. His Grandfather was a self made man who would owe no one. He had very strict rules for the boys to follow and set a great example for them. He taught them how to do honest work and how to be be self reliant.

They learned their most important life lessons from their grandparents, and also from the nuns at the Catholic school they attended. This book tells his life story and how he became the amazing Supreme Court Justice that he is. I highly recommend that everyone read this book.

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Just shows what a true American can do with their life if they believe in themselves.

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