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Covid Vaccine - Follow Govt. Protocol and Get V-AIDS.

by Mike Lynch

submitted May 5, 2022

Dr. Vladimir Z. Zelenko has been an outspoken critic of the Covid-19

“vaccine”* for many, many months. He is the doctor who is known in this country as probably the first Dr. to recommend early treatment of the virus using Hydroxychloroquine. He was highly successful until the government banned its use. Later he developed a protocol that used other available Zinc ionophores like Ivermectin and Quercitin, along with Zinc and a few other supplements to successfully treat the virus early, right after diagnosis, and he has helped save many lives.

As a follower of all the research on Covid-19, Dr. Zelenko claims the data is revealing some deadly trends. There have been a rise in unusual cancers for the fully vaxed, as well as autoimmune diseases and inflammatory responses. By fully vaxed, he appears to be including those who have received 3 or more jabs of the vaccine. The more boosters you receive, the worse off you will be.

Dr. Zelenko and a handful of other medical professionals are all now agreeing that the “vaccine” is actually weakening the body’s immune system and that is why some of these increases in disease are occurring. I’ve seen 2 or 3 article headlines recently about increased rates of Hepatitis among vaxed children. Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist, reported in a video interview in August of last year that he has seen a 20 fold increase in Endometrial Cancer in his lab. Some of the data Dr. Zelenko refers to indicates that for every child that dies from the virus, there are 172 children that die from the “vaccine!!!"

I’ve seen several of Dr. Zelenko’s video interviews and he says “Don’t believe a word I am saying. Look at the data and the research and decide for yourself." Of course if you search the internet on these topics , you will find many fact checkers that dispute Dr. Zelenko’s and others’ claims.


Because of the apparent attack on the body’s immune system, Dr. Zelenko refers to this condition as Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or V-AIDS. This is not the same as the AIDS from HIV. It is, apparently, a different form of AIDS.

Other articles I have seen claim that vaxed people with cancer that was stable or in remission are now seeing it come back with a vengance. Further, people who were in stage 1 cancer are suddenly in stage 4. Apparently with every booster shot the body’s ability to hold back disease becomes weaker and weaker.

Although all of the doctors I read or heard from admit they don’t know the extent or the severity that increased diseases among the vaxed will be manifested over time; they have definitely already seen unprecedented increases that should be horrifically alarming to the casual observer. Dr. Zelenko seems hopeful even for the vaxed in that there are protocols already developed, by doctors leading the way in treating their patients, which help mitigate some of the detriments of our government’s “vaccine” protocol.

If you type v-aids into your search engine you should see several of the fact checker articles. You should be able to find several interviews with Dr. Zelenko on Rumble. Dr. Ryan Cole gave a video interview I found at where he made the claim about 20x increase in endometrial cancer.

* Vaccine and related words are in quotations because the Covid-19 shots do not provide immunity and do not prevent transmission, the two requirements for a true vaccine.

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